1. He totally ripped off the second line of the song from a very famous song. It’s not like a line everyone uses. Direct rip off!

    So–trivia time. What famous song originally had the line “Looking better than a body has a right to.”

  2. Awesome video, Preston! I still have this album in vinyl…the one with Donnie on the back cover in his underwear with a cigarette sticking out of his mouth…

    It’s one of those tunes that I have to be careful with if I am driving…if I am not careful, I’ll catch myself doing 85…

    Are we tubing now? Let me know if it is on…I get Sharon and Michele going…

  3. Re-discovered this song a couple of years ago. Good stuff. But I feel poorer for having seen the video.

    I get the ironic nerd with beautiful girl thing. But his teeth! Ugh. Also, Leah is wearing those seven day crappers. Glad that trend didn’t survive the Reagan era.

  4. Sharon…you got me with that one. Please don’t come back with some obscure song by Joni Mitchell and tell us it’s famous…but do let us know soon because I’m playing the lyric over and over in my head and I’ve got nothing.

    Yiddish…Bingo. I think that was exactly what this guy was looking for.

    BTW, I visit Pittsburgh frequently…they still love him there. Every time I visit, I hear on the radio that he is playing another show.

    Anyone else see Donnie Iris and think he is trying to rip off this guy?

  5. I have to admit, i’m developing a serious closet-fan-mindedness for Donnie Iris. I’ve been singing this song in my head all day. I went to my newsgroups subscription and downloaded the Best Of Compilation that he put our in ’01. Could it be that our boy got a raw deal somehow, somewhere back in the 80’s by MCA Records?! How did this guy not get a break, but douche bags like Greg Khin or Huey Lewis did?! WTF?! I don’t get it. Just because they called ‘Frisco home and Donnie was perfectly happy calling Cleveland, OH home?! I’m just gonna call rokks on our boy, Donnie, right now! Donnie Iris ROKKS!

  6. Yiddish…

    (and you should know this, Steeler fan)Donnie Iris is a Pittsburgh boy…in fact a Pittsburgh icon . And I can’t believe the dude is still rocking…he’s in his 60’s, and he rocks as hard as any of the geezers in the Stones.

    Sharon, I never would have thought of a Dolly Parton song. Although I do hope to honeymoon someday at Dollywood.

    Hopefully one of the things we can discuss at Prickfest would be a rotating Tubing hosting…perhaps once a month or so. I already have two or three topics to throw out there…

  7. Sorry I didn’t get in on this thread earlier. I have been laying on my floor for two freakin’ weeks sucking air like a goldfish waiting for comcast to come and re-connect me. I shouldn’t be alive.

  8. Wow. I had no idea what the singer of this song looked like until now. I wish I still didn’t.

    Kinda took the whole sexual energy of the song away for me.

    Thanks. Thanks a lot.

  9. Sorry I’m a bit late on this. Donnie Iris has the distinction of being a one-hit wonder twice over. He was the lead singer in The Jaggerz, who had their one hit with “The Rapper.” That one would probably be considered a novelty hit, but I’ve always considered “Ah Leah” one of the all-time great songs. Great production, playing, and singing, with a fabulous hook.

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