It Came From Craigslist

And you don’t even have to hit 88 miles per hour.

The Ultimate in Oedipal appliances for the low, low price of $30. Aluminum foil deflector beanie not included.

Gently Used Time Machine – $30
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Date: 2007-07-29, 11:41PM CDT

It’s an early Nikola Tesla NRS96 model. Runs like new, energy efficent, runs on disposable batteries and light bulbs (40wt.) I hate to get rid of it, it’s been very… useful. But! We’re moving to a smaller place and just don’t have room anymore. But our loss your gain!! Guarenteed you wont find a finer time machine for the asking price anywhere.

Complete with…

-Time Machine
-2 Page Instruction Manuel
-Demonstrative Photos
-Great times ahead!

Please check out photos!

This deal wont last. Asking $30 but willing to haggle.


“A 2-page instruction Manuel“??? Even in the future we can’t get rid of illegals.

I was going to offer them $20 except that I don’t believe in the future.

Take that Robert Heinlein!


  1. Did anyone call Uncle Rico and let him know about this? He’s still looking for a way to get back to 1982. I figure he’s probably sold enough “Bust Must” to afford this little gem.

  2. Yiddish, LOL!

    Hated that movie the first time. And, for the first time, actually got my money back on a dissatisfied rental.

    Saw it on HBO and thought I’d give it another chance.

    It was hilarious! The part with Napoleon trying to use that time machine and then hobbling around the store with Uncle Rico (also hobbling) afterwards was a classic!

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