WTW: Healthy White Baby?

Bucking the entertainer trend of shopping for discount celebrity handbags babies on the Indonesian black market, Jack White apparently stuck his ball in somebody’s biscuit and had a sweet little time about it:

NEW YORK – Jack White and his wife, Karen Elson, are the parents of a baby boy.

The couple’s second child, named Henry Lee White, was born Tuesday, a publicist for the White Stripes frontman said Wednesday.

True to his lo-fi indie roots, White immortalized the event by taking pictures with a Polaroid SX-70 Instant Camera and recorded the the baby’s primal birth scream on a #68 Edison Experimental Phonograph and will be dubbed to Betamax at the Easley-McCain recording studio in Memphis.

Family and friends can expect the vinyl copy of the historic day to be delivered by Pony Express some time in Early 2008. God willing and the creek don’t rise.

5 comments on “WTW: Healthy White Baby?

  1. I’m sorry, I just DO NOT get why people, over recent past, feel compelled to film/record their kids births & inflict said product on everyone, friend or foe. It’s…ICKY.

  2. One more thing – who, exactly, watches & for what reason? Who is the star? I mean, do parents play the tape when Junior/Juniorette must to cajoled by nascent guilt in to something? Do the parents play it for the progenys love interests as a replacement of the photo of the bare naked babe on the bearskin rug? Who REALLY wants to see their spouses (or MOTHERS!) twat in such a…well, unlovely state?

  3. People do it so that when their kids are 13 years old and rebelling and telling their parents that they hate them and “what did you ever do for me?”, that they can whip out that video and say “Now shut up you ungrateful little shit.”

    I gave up tight sex for you!

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