Fun with Romanian Offshore Consultants

I pleaded with the VP to hire someone locally. “I’m going to go with the Romanian firm. These are really bright people,” he replied.

“Besides, Romania is much easier than India to deal with.”


[3:37:54 PM] Gordon xxx says: I’m trying to get information to Adrian

[3:37:59 PM] Gordon xxx says: Isn’t he still on vacation?

[3:40:42 PM] Andrei xxx says: sorry, my dog rebooted my computer. stepped on a cable

[3:40:48 PM] Andrei xxx says: thx. let me know when u know about adrian pls

[3:40:53 PM] Andrei xxx says: he’s waiting for an answer


  1. Nu se poate! Probelele sunt ale tale! Toate sunt bine aici – asa intodeauana.


    Note from Cranky:
    I’m very hesitant to post this comment as I assume this is one angry Romanian. Say, does “SUGE MA PULE” sound alot like “suck my pole”?

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Urban dictionary:

    6. pula
    pula=dick in roumanian
    pula=the most used roumanian word (even used by females)
    pula=used for swering (even used by females)
    (all goes for the roumanian meaning)

    unde pula mea,cat pula mea,de unde pula mea,bagamias pula,suge pula,in pula mea,ma doare-n pula,ia pula,sa o iau pe mata in pula,pula de cal,pula bleaga,puta,sa te joci cu pula,sa mananci pula,sa freci pula etc…etc…..

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