Sunday Night Poll

Update: Of course, as Ginger did, feel free to submit your own petitions.


  1. None of the above. I would have to say that my favorite thing Smantix ever did was call me “a porcine, pigknuckled lib” and “Ginger Christ”…

    I will never, ever forget him. *sniff, sniff*

  2. No Mr. Swamp Rabbit you ignorant infidel, Smantix left Six Meat Buffet because he discovered that 4 of the 6 meats in The Buffet contained pork. He then joined our Jihad.

    I am pleased to say that Smantix was glorified in martyrdom when he blew himself up outside a Stuckeys on Route 41…though he did not take any of you imperialist swine with him. Allah knows what he was doing in the dumpster…

    Allahu Akhbar!

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