Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson Announce Plans to March on Norfolk

Sharpton and Jackson are reportedly outraged after a 13-year-old cracker assaults group of innocent black youths with his head and face, creating painful bruises and other injuries on their fists and feet.

In the video, the 13-year-old boy struggled to stay on his feet as several youths punched and pushed him from all sides. When he finally went down, the blows didn’t cease; he tried to protect his face and head with his hands. As he pleaded for them to stop, he was kicked in the face.

After the weekend beating in Ocean View, which lasted less than 40 seconds, the boy struggled to his feet, his face bloody.

The youth, Damin O’Rourke, who only recently moved to Norfolk’s West Ocean View from North Carolina, was left with bruises and scrapes. Police have identified several assailants – juveniles who they said could face misdemeanor assault charges.

“How dare that arrogant young racist thrust his head, face and body at the fists, elbows and knees of these fine young people!?,” an outraged Sharpton was quoted as responding. “I do hope that this young man is charged with the hate crime that he most certainly committed.”

“This is becoming a racist pattern of single white boys attacking groups of young blacks – who were minding their own business, probably getting ready for work – that cannot be allowed to stand. We encourage all of the fine folks who took time out of their daily soap opera viewing to join us at Jena to come to Norfolk this weekend and seek justice against this 13-year-old white hooligan,” Jackson added.

Watch the video of this white-on-black crime here.


  1. I work in downtown Nashville right down the street from the main MTA bustop. I know, lucky me!

    Anyways, one day standing outside, I saw a white kid get off a bus and just take off running. Seconds after, hordes of black kids (probably 10 to 15 of ’em) get off running after this little guy (he looked maybe, 15 or 16 and didn’t weigh 105 with a brick in his pocket). The little white kid proceeds to bash these black kids heads, hands and sneakers so bad that office managers, parking attendents and passersby were yelling and screaming, on cell phones calling the cops (as I was).

    I will never forget that poor kid beating those black kids heads, necks, feet and whatever else he could get a hold of, like that. It was all over in less than 1 minute and then, of course, the black kids took off running.

    It made me physically ill.

    Never even made the papers, news, nothing. No kids were ever caught, and I don’t even think the cops ever showed up.

  2. The cameraman was the victim’s buddy (saw him on Fox last night). Is that his giggling that can be heard?

    Based on what he said, they were filming it to put it on a myspace page but it was just supposed to be a one-on-one “fun” fight.

  3. Mr. Holmes,

    I am shocked and appalled that you would bring this disgusting case of white on black violence to anyone’s attention outside of your klan rallies.

    Good day, sir.

    Free the Jena 6! And the Norfolk 8! And the MTA Bus Stop 15! And the Los Angeles 2.5 Million!

  4. What a bunch of pussies dose little brotha’s wuz.

    Alls I know is dat when my posse is down for a beatdown, we take care of bidness.

    Scrapes and scratches? Sheeeit, my boyz woulda put that little cracka to sleep…

  5. Can’t we just all get along?…er…wait. That’s not my line…

    Officer Briseno you frame one more African-American for a crime he did not commit, and heads are gonna roll!

    OK, back to the golf course to look for the real killers…

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