Condi vs Codepinkies


How do these idiots even manage to get into the news conference? I can’t even get on a plane without a full cavity search, but these maniacal screwballs can get within a few feet of the Secretary of State?

I’ve got a feeling that Condi could whip her ass if she wanted.


  1. No doubtm TinyE… You know Condi had to restrain every manifested urge in her body to not drop that moonbat with a quick left hook. I may not like Condi for her “2 State Solution” nonsense for the Pali-whacks, but, our Secretary of State should NEVER have to put up with this kind of bullshit. Does anyone think for that Madeline Not-So-Bright would have had to deal with this shit during her tenure under President Klintonoff?!

  2. I once read someone who described themselves as being on the fence during the leadup to the invasion of Iraq say that they weren’t so much “pro-war” as “anti-anti-war.”

    BTW: I wonder how those democracy marchers in Burma are doing? I’m sure they could use the help of a bunch of angry pink clad women.

  3. No kidding, Tiny E. Condi should have dropped her ass like a bad habit.

    But that’s a problem I see a lot these days. People on the right get insulted over and over yet always want to respond “in a dignified fashion”.

    Meet indignity with indignity. Show indignity what indignity looks like. Then pull a Bill Maher and grab that skeleton-armed, scarecrow haired slitlick the door before launching a ferragamo into her ass.

  4. In the same vein as this imbecile, maybe more rightly so, people could just as easily confront the Clintons with blood on their hands for 911, makes as much sense. But conservatives never do that. They might argue the point, but never go wild and crazy. But that is what gets the medias attention.

  5. I just wish really that I could have heard a “Don’t tase me, sis” comment out of this one. These people do not have the right to shut down free speech like they want to.

  6. Wish I could have been on Condi’s security detail. I would have had no problem “tazing” her, using a little pepper spray or mace, handcuffing her with exhuberance, and perhaps even given her an atomic wedgie…

    (I’m tired and pissed off. Don’t mess with me right now.)

  7. TinyE points out something I’ve never understood….How DO these morons get in? Even the most braindead security in D.C. ought to notice the pink shirts with black magic marker slogans, the blood on their hands, the hats etc…..just because it’s a public/government building doesn’t make it a public forum for every nutjob to voice their opinion…

  8. I wonder if Condoleeza was wearing her shiny boots that day. I bet she was. She has that look that says “I’m wearing my shiny boots, bitch. Prepare to be wickedly disregarded.”

  9. Just suppose that (fake bloody hands in the face) was done to a club Git’mo guest. I’m sure it would be considered torture by that moron.

  10. My Niece worked on the Hill when she was doing graduate work at GMU. Said you don’t get into the committee rooms or hearing without a pass. Stands to reason that some Demo’s provide passes to these moonbats so they can make a scene and embarass the administration. Mostly they come across as the idiots they are.
    What fries me is that afterwards the bloody-handed loony made an appearence on the various media outlet suspects CNN, MSNBC,etc. to give her spiel when she should have been sitting in a jail cell waiting on a bail bondsman.

  11. B**ch didn’t go to jail? What has this country come to?

    I swear, some pinko commie loving hag gets into office and it’s ON boys and girls! Clinton thinks the VRWC was bad? Just wait until the Hitlery gets in office!

    Of course, we’ll be more dignified. Just like Condi was here. And apparently I’m the only one that thinks it was a good move on her part. But, the women just oozes class and I would be a little disappointed to see her punch this crazy loon in the face. That was until I hear said crazy loon didn’t go to jail. In that case, it shoulda been ON!

  12. Guess Condi’s security isn’t all that important!!! I suppose hiring big mouths who are apologists for fascist aren’t that difficult to buy!!!

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