The Great Pumpkin Was On Tonight

As far as I’m concerned, no holiday specials are complete without this intro…

The kids and I must have already watched It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown a dozen times this month. As the best of all holiday specials, it never gets old for me, but I can’t help thinking about the good old days when I was a kid. We would scour the Commercial Appeal to make sure we knew when our favorite holiday specials were coming on and we would count the days. This was before we got our first VHS machine, before the glorious era of the BetaMax.

My sisters and I would make popcorn, pile up in the floor with some blankets and watch the likes of The Grinch, Charlie Brown Christmas, Rudolph, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, even the horrendous Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, which is damn near unwatchable.

Today, with everything available on DVD, there is no such thing as “Special”. It’s all available for your immediate gratification. Oh well, it’s progress, I guess.

Speaking of good old days and things that aren’t quite as good as you might remember, I made the mistake of purchasing this a while back. The Groovy Ghoulies were a spinoff of the Archies & Sabrina the Teenage Witch and it was basically an animated Laugh-In for kids. Except that it sucks.

Preston Jr. and I kicked back to watch it after the unfortunate impulse buy and neither one of us laughed. When Preston Jr. doesn’t laugh, you know it’s a turd in a punch bowl. Should have bought the Josie and the Pussycats DVD set instead. Lesson learned.


  1. OK, that intro was from when the Charlie Brown specials were on CBS…

    Got my Dolly Madison snack cakes right now watching the Great Pumpkin.

    “All I got was a rock…”

  2. Mrs TinyE and I just finished watching Charlie Brown as well. Good stuff. You and I share many of the same memories. We’re just a couple of ol’ tenderhearts.

  3. Unwatchable? I love Charlie Brown Thanksgiving! We sit down in front of the screen and eat jelly beans, toast, popcorn, and pretzels. Yum.

    While all the other kiddies are at school, we’re watching Great Pumpkin on DVD this morning, then off to a friend’s house to make candy apples.

  4. I’m with Michele. Charlie Brown T-giving “unwatchable?” That dinner they cook up is hilarious…

    I cry during the Charlie Brown Christmas Special. Best Christmas Special Ever…

  5. I feel the same way about the CBS intro. Especially when the Charlie Brown specials come on. It just isn’t the same without that intro! Thanks for the trip in the way back machine!

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