Jena Six Lynched By Good Taste, Humility

Will racebait for bling.

Who says crime doesn’t pay? (link requires free registration)

HOUSTON – Just weeks after some 20,000 demonstrators protested what they decried as unequal justice aimed at six black teenagers in the Louisiana town of Jena, controversy is growing over the accounting and disbursing of at least $500,000 donated to pay for the teenagers’ legal defense.

Parents of the “Jena 6” teens have refused to publicly account for how they are spending a large portion of the cash, estimated at up to $250,000, that resides in a bank account they control.

Commit a hate crime and make more than half a million dollars. Isn’t America great? (Always worth a revisit) This is nothing new though. Over 40 years ago, Rosa Parks was photographed with a mouthful of quarters (which in today’s money would be the equivalent of $1.2M U.S. dollars).

Meanwhile, photos and videos are circulating across the Internet that raise questions about how the donated money is being spent. One photo shows Robert Bailey, one of the Jena 6 defendants, smiling and posing with $100 bills stuffed in his mouth. Another shows defendants Carwin Jones and Bryant Purvis modeling like rap stars at the Black Entertainment Television Hip-Hop music awards last month in Atlanta.

Aren’t there some kind of “Son of Sam” laws against profiting from a crime? Or is this just getting even? If so, I will assume that some of that mouth jewelry is going to pay for the real victim’s hospital bill.

Putting Other People’s Money Where Your Mouth Is

Putting other people’s money where your mouth is.


You’re Either With Us Or Against Us Update: Bill Clinton says the Jena 6 are being attacked by the American version of Al Qaeda.




Bling, Bling

West Siiiide


“Bailey’s mother, for example, insisted that the $100 bills shown in the photograph were cash her son had earned as a park maintenance worker.”

Uh-huh. Would anyone from Jena’s or the State of Louisiana’s Comptroller Office care to confirm that? Those are government records after all and should be easily obtained.


  1. Mr. McMurphy,

    Why you be hatin’? Any Lousiana black man knows how easy it is to end up with a mouthful of Benjamins…

    Like this one time I woke up in the middle of the night to make myself a sandwich and I grabbed what I thought was some pimento loaf from my refrigerator…the next thing you know, I was chewing on $1,400…

  2. i am from jena louisiana and we have been yelling it everywhere for months. donations came rolling in and so did the new vehicles, travels, bling-bling. we are asking for an audit in all involved groups. it is disgusting. now, marcus jones, mychal bells father, is crusading asking for donations to be sent to his personal address. (pssst…he doesn’t have a job). he abandoned mychal when he was a baby. now, he was a piece of the pie. sit back and watch the families of the six fight like who they are over the donated monies that was intended for probono lawyers.

  3. We try to devote what attention we can, F.O. The official narrative of the Jena 6 Controversy was carved into stone before it was even on most people’s radars.

    Pictures speak louder. Just ask that Youtube video. If there are reporters down there keeping up with this on a wood-grain level – point them out.

    If I go online and say my Uncle is dying and bleg to the public to raise funds for him and that is false – I can get in big trouble.

    This is only slightly different from that. From a PR standpoint, it’s crippling.

  4. thanks brian,
    i have posted this link in the alexandria daily town talk so others may comment. we’ve seen all the pictures,but, comments from jena residents would be a great help here. go to go to comment on any article and it will ask for you to register. there is many, many topics and great comments posted about this topic. up to date news from local people. there is very intersting news about mychal’s stay in juvenile detention, seems he is not changing if you know what i mean.

  5. Seems obvious to me, another classic case of “misunderstood youth”. The money pictured was more than likely just the proceeds of a door to door effort on behalf of their favorite charity. The Jena Fund For Those Lacking Gold Teeth Caps & Krunk & Shit.

  6. we are having a huge national protest (again) in jena on mlk day. blacks are upset that the white supremacist, kkk, and skinheads have aksed for permission to march also. during out last march back in sept. many blacks were shouting black power, over and over. it is the right of white supremacist to yell white power. i would hate for al and jesse to run into these potentially violent groups.

  7. People have a tendency to get upset about white supremacist groups and the klan. I can’t say that I blame them.

    Considering the circumstances, if I had my druthers, those types would not be allowed to protest at this point in time. Let them take it to court and have the ACLU take up their cause.

    Those groups getting involved distract attention from the legitimate criticism being levied against these misunderstood youths.

    We have the same problem in Knoxville with the Christian-Newsom murders. Gruesome double homicide. Should be charged as a hate crime if there was such a thing as equality under the law for what happened to those two kids. Instead, the dunce cap set and the skinheads start causing trouble and making the murders about them and not the true victims.

    Those types of hate groups are to justice what Fred Phelps is to a solemn burial.

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