Liveblogging Tonight’s Democratic Debate

What channel was that on again?

Oh yeah, CNN. Holy shit, what a parade of the horribles! Hitlery was just bragging about how there’s a Latino on stage, a black, a woman (John Edwards), and herself (mixed gender bulldagga) – which wouldn’t have been possible just 4 short years ago.

Okay, I’ve lost interest. On ESPN, you’ve got Oregon v. Arizona. Right now you’ve got a baseball score, 8-7, Oregon. On NBC, The Office. So many choices besides the debate, really. On the “HOT” adult channel, you’ve got some movie called “Young Squirts”. Is that anything like Little Rascals?

Well shit, I did have high hopes for this post, but now I’m reinstalling printer drivers on the better half’s laptop. Excellent.

Okay, I just switched back to the debate, and Hitlery just said something about “mud people”. That’s totally inappropriate.

UPDATE: Okay, she said something about “mudslinging” not “mudpeople.”

Kooksinnich just said that he supported abortion rights and that to prove it, he would perform as many abortions as possible himself, though he’s had no formal training. I will say that I’m impressed with his willingness to walk the walk.

This is quite a display of idiocy, pandering and pure nonsense. And somehow I’m finding it quite entertaining. Holy crap, Arizona is already up 24-11 on the Ducks. Sweet.

From McMurphy: “A chicken in every pot and a fetus in every trash can.” That’s a pretty good way to wrap this up, methinks.


  1. This thought crossed my mind but got detained by security.

    It was Pandermonium! One person wants pseudo-socialized healthcare. The other wants Universal Healthcare. And then Kooky Kucinich promises Intergalactic Healthcare.
    And none of the aliens he’s met are “illegal”. Nanoo-nanoo.

    30 minutes of my life that I’m not getting back. Barack Obama said something Xenophobic though, which is a very personal issue to some 24 year old white douches. Or douchés as the Fronch call them.

    He called for illegals paperless internationals to go to the back of some figurative line so as not to reward bad behavior and punish people who were following the law. I believe that is what we call “racist” codewords.

    On the “HOT” adult channel, you’ve got some movie called “Young Squirts”. Is that anything like Little Rascals?

    Yes. It’s from Hal Roach’s “Our Gangbang” series. Coincidentally, their first full-length feature was called “General Spanky”. And now you know.

  2. It looked a little bit like “Our Gang” on that stage. Although I’ve always contended that Kucinich looks more like Eddie Munster.

    Guess which candidate got to play “Butch”? I haven’t heard the word “bulldagga” in a ages. No secret who locked up the MC Lyte vote.

  3. I’d mentioned setting up an IRC channel with Cranky but learning the few manual commands to get there freaks some people out.

    Could do the same thing like the Superbowl again out of convenience.

    Next time there’s an “event”.

  4. I would love to have participated…’cept there was just NO way I was going to sit through that debate.

    Not with Oregon getting cornholed by Arizona and with a Good Times marathon on TV Land…Dy-No-Mite!

  5. I’d ask who is the play-by-play guy and who is the color guy, but you both seem to be color guys, and this is where I get called a racist. Again.

  6. Dammit Mc, Every time I look into opensource chat, something breaks at the office and I haven’t followed thru.

    Pres, we NEED to do a chat thing. Buffet Lounge or something like that.

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