6 comments on “Vols Overcome Incompetence, Head to SEC Championship

  1. Amen, Reverend Holmes. Last week, Vandy said that the better team lost. Kentucky can say the same thing this week.

    This team does not deserve to go to Atlanta. But a “W is a W” and they are the George W. Bush of NCAA football.

  2. We’re 7-5! We’re 7-5!

    While disappointed in the bit of a slide we took towards the end, I’ll take a winning season. You can’t win all your multiple overtime games.

    We ain’t greedy when it comes to football in the Bluegrass. Just basketball.

  3. Dude…what the hell are you doing whining about Phil Fullmer?

    Geez…at least he’s always “workin’ like heck!”

    Look, you don’t want the guy? I’ll trade you our “coach” for yours straight up any day…

  4. you guys are nuts we could have been alabama or auburn or Fla St or Notre Dame or Miami all playing for nothing yesterday.Fulmer is a great coach the winning % speaks for it self you can’t win it all every year in The NCAA anymore

  5. I watched the games. I don’t see the great coaching. I see poor tackling and despite 52 points in 4 overtimes, an anorexic offense. One score in the 2nd half. This was against Kentucky.

    They are lucking their way into the SEC championship and are going to get fed to the Tigers. Sad, but true. Wish it wasn’t the case but that would require me to forget every bowl game they’ve been in for the last ten years.

    With the exception of Arian Foster and several of the linebacker corps, there is no heart in that team. They don’t play 60 minutes of football and if they get down early they won’t come back against any type of decent ball club.

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