CNN: This Is Horticulture

The Home and Garden Network has nothing on Coop & Co.

(via Ace O’ and the Corner) The Gay General was a plant from Kerry’s Steering Committee and is now on Hillary’s Steering Committee.

They even had Kerr show up to ask the question in person.

A choreographed ambush.

At least they were consistent. They had decided Democrat plants throwing softballs at Democratic candidates and then they had Democrat plants asking questions at the Republican debate.

But don’t question their integrity!

Cowardly Democrats refuse a debate on Fox but CNN is flying in Democrat plants somehow manages to get the good General from California to ambush the candidates. That should revoke all future CNN debates if there is evidence they coordinated getting Kerr in that audience.

They knew he submitted a Youtube video. They knew he was in the audience and they already had a microphone waiting for him.

So, Mr. Kerr. How long were you staying in Florida and who bought your ticket? And who at CNN handed you the microphone while they were playing the Youtube video?

This Youtube wanker was interviewing Kerr and posted his exchange approximately 2pm EST.

Operation: Blowback for Blowdry

Little Shop of Horrors Update: Another plant? David Cercone who asked the Log Cabin question and said he was of Pompano Beach, FL. Same guy?

Again, as an American who is living under the tyranny of a dubiously elected wannabe dictator, please world forgive us and know that Bush and Bolton are not representative of the majority of Americans. God help us all.
David Cercone, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Yep. Mr. Log Cabin Republican questioner is an Obama plant.

If not a plant, definitely not an undecided Republican.

UPDATE: Thanks for Malkin for the link. From the looks of many of the first commenters on her site “fake but accurate” isn’t just a mantra for the evening news but one they’d like to use for their garden variety hitmen in the debates too.


  1. Republicans have no guts. They should never have agreed to this format, knowing what they know about CNN and their complete historical lack of integrity. But what are you gonna do? The damage is done until the next time they bend over for the liberals in the media.

  2. I like a spirited free-for-all but if this is how they want to roll let’s not halfstep it.

    Send all of the lambs before the lions. Send Republicans in front of hardened Donk activists. Send the Democrats in front of Freepers and let them duke it out for two hours.

    It’s one thing to get softballs from your own side but this idea of the media as some unpartisan interlocutor between The People(tm) (i.e., Youtube) and the candidates is a farce.

    CNN got their soundbyte. That’s what Kerr was there for but if the rumors of Fox and CBS starting to burrow at CNN over this is true then by all means this should be the story tomorrow.

    As I said in the Live thread, I’m against DADT but Kerr is hounding the wrong people about why it’s in place. He’s working for the person who should be explaining it.

  3. Annika is right yet again. The Republicants haven’t had any guts since 1994, their spineless bending-over-for-the-old-media is nothing new and this is just another chapter. Don’t expect anything different going forward, either.

    And MM’s roundup of the plants is really damning. But, then again, why is anyone surprised?

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  5. There were at least 3 or 4 of the people in the audience who had submitted youtube questions. The notion that only Republicans should get to ask Republicans questions, or Democrats ask Democrats questions, is ridiculous, because ultimately there is going to be a general election, and the candidates who win their respective primaries are going to have to answer questions from people who aren’t just like them. Frankly, I think a debate where Republicans grilled Democrats, and vice-versa, would be much more interesting.

    As for the Brig. Gen., was it a fair question? I think so. Granted, CNN should’ve done their homework before giving him the microphone, but the question was still a valid one, and it enabled us to see Mitt Romney try and avoid the fact that before he had warmly welcomed the day when Gays could serve openly in the military…not so warm anymore; has the Country (and more importantly, the younger generation) gotten more socially conservative in the past 10 years? I think not. Just more evidence that Romney is changing his positions simply to be more palatable to the Republican base.

  6. Holy crap, I’m agreeing with Sean as well. Let’s ban him, quick!

    But that’s one of the main problems with Romney, he’s plastic and he’s simply changing his stripes to try and fit the mold that he things will get him elected. A charlatan. But on the bright side, at least he’ll get his own planet someday.

  7. I’ll assume this to mean that the next time a local “progressive” candidate wants to have a blogger meet-up that it should be open invite instead of the closed, by-invitation-only affair from our Anti-Sunshine law loving interloper.

  8. Brian,

    Well, the only one I ever set up was with David Briley, and I did the best I could to balance out the amount of Conservatives versus Liberals (space was limited, as it was held at a restaurant).

    I asked a bunch of Conservatives, Bill Hobbs and Glen Dean couldn’t make it; though Ned Williams, Sarah Moore, and Adam Kleinheider (who I know you probably don’t think is a conservative) were there, and I would’ve invited more liberals but didn’t want to have it be too lopsided…however, if I ever do help set one up again, now that I know you want to actually be involved in local politics instead of occasionally throw cheap shots from the sidelines, I’ll be sure to send an invite your way.

    At least now I know where the hostility comes from…it sucks to be the last one standing when it comes time to pick players for basketball, eh?

  9. I wouldn’t know. I’m just a fan of open government and not of an army of little order takers getting handed their talking points.

    As far as “hostility” goes, there is an outrage deficiency on the right in this state. Partly because of WKRN (ABC’s) underwriting it’s leftwing agenda by funding the now defunct NiT and Volunteer Voters websites to promote Democrat candidates and malign Republican ones to get around campaign finance laws.

    Just like the passive-aggressive Kleinheider does now.

  10. Damn, a bit conspiratorial, eh?

    As for the sunshine laws, I asked questions…you were free to post your response to said questions if you saw fit. My personal opinion is that the laws were a bit too strict, in that the restricted freedom of association among public officials, I think upping the limit to 4 members allowed to meet in private is reasonable.

    Doesn’t really have anything to do with party (my position is in opposition to Bredesen), I just think it was a little unreasonable to assume very political people couldn’t talk at all about politics unless an official meeting was underway.

  11. It’s no conspiracy that our state legislature is so crooked that it can eat fettucini with a corkscrew.

    Harold Ford, Jr.’s father sister aunt cousin uncle gets a reprieve from going to jail after sticking fat bankrolls of FBI sting money in his back pocket until February because he and his wife can’t be in jail at the same time “for the sake of the chirren”.

    The former head of the state Judiciary Committee is adulterously nailing the top lobbyist for the Tennessee Trial Lawyer lobby and no one thinks this garners even the appearance of impropriety. He gets drunk, hits a car and leaves the scene of the accident, and his screw you Nazi pigs video embarrasses the state, he quickly goes to rehab, checks himself out, rents a Mustang to go get drunk and gamble in Tunica – and the scumbag has faced no sanction from his peers.

    I’m willing to err on the side of sunlight with this group.

    If it cramps their social and legislative calendar, well, the resin for the world’s smallest fiddle is on standby.

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