Very Twisted Sister

Well, this is certainly a case of “WTF were they thinking?!”.

I don’t mean to ridicule as their hearts were in the right place (God bless them). But.. but.. Twisted Sister!? Did anyone even go see them in early 80’s when they were “popular”?

Besides carrying the “metal flag” against the PMRC, what has Dee Snider ever done besides host some VH1 shows?


  1. Dude,

    Dee Snider told Tipper Gore (Mouthpiece of the “PMRC”) to go f@&# herself in a closed-door Senate hearing in 1985. That alone earns the man an exemption from scrutiny by the likes of you, TE, despite anything the man has ever or never accomplished, as far as i’m concerned. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to attend to more peeling of “Explicit Lyrics, Parental Advisory” labels off of my music that Wal-Mart refuses to sell. Later tonight, i’ll be listening to Dee’s Fangoria Radio Program on Sirius Channel 102.

    Stay Hungry

  2. There goes Tiny casting aspersions once again on my favorite bands of the ’80s.

    (I just like the phrase “casting aspersions”.)

    But in this case, Tiny is right. Who is the moron agent for Dee Snider and Twisted Sister? Why the hell don’t they just make a freakin’ donation instead of asking for more money? They shouldn’t have charged anything to play this show.

    Tossing my Twisted Sister CD into the trash right now…

  3. Why did the couple book Twisted Sister in the first place? Why would anyone want to go see Twisted Sister?

    I’m also pretty damn certain that TS didn’t make 50 grand at their H.O.B. show last night.

  4. Oh, contriaire mofauire! Twisted Sister is like money-makin’-magic. You just watch come Super Bowl Sunday when they’re cast in one of those insidious, little Geico or commercials.

  5. Dang, you’ve been living under a rock dude.
    What Dee has done is HUGE. Get your facts straight before posting.

    Knowledge is power!


    Did ya miss the HIT album of last year “Twisted Christmas” and new DVD to follow..etc…

    New York Steel Benefit For Fireman’s Widows & Orphans Fund post 9-11 WTC horrific event.

    FOR FREE, they traveled to support our troops!
    Air Force base and Army bases in South Korea on behalf of the USO: Saturday, May 3, Kunsan Air Base; Sunday, May 4, Camp Walker; and Monday, May 5, Camp Casey.

    Twisted Sister played a benefit show for our own twisted soundman Charlie Barreca who needed a liver transplant at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia

    I know that Dee participates in a Charity to benefit Annual Autism Speaks Celebrity Softball Game and Silent Auction. It is the nation’s leading autism advocacy organization.

    Alot of events are hosted by Von Dutch Kustom Cycles and Lighthouse Harley-Davidson, TS did a benefit in 2005 Weekend for a Cure Hosted by Billy Baldwin for the Carol Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fun.

    Long Island and CT. Chapters for the March of Dimes, “Ride for the Cure.”

    Both Mark Mendoza and Dee have participated in Motorcycle events to benefit the some of our fallen heros during this current war time.

    Dee supports the Patchogue Theatre for the preforming arts and music. TS attended the inaugural induction ceremony of the Long Island Music Hall of Fame.

  6. Great, Dee Snider is a charitable dude. I must confess that I don’t keep up with the world of mullet-rock.

    The question still remains: what has Twisted Sister done musically to warrant a $50,000 payday for a single show?

  7. And Cyndi, if Twisted Sister is so charitible, why the big stink over this $50,000? Why would the band’s spokeshole insist on keeping the deposit?

    Sure, the promoters got in over their heads, but the original intent was charitable. If Twisted Sister is sincere and not just trying to garner publicity, then fire the spokeshole and donate the money.

  8. Ya can lead a horse to water…. 💡

    ➡ Ok, ya go, spoon feeding for the boyzzzz! 🙄 lol… ➡

    Here ya go..this was a business proposition but still TS was going to give part the proceeds to the cause. They don’t work for nothing. They deserved their airfare and transportation costs at least, etc.

    Oh, and did you do any research on who Danny Peykoff, Niagara Distributing person is? LMAO, you and I both WISH we had HIS money before you cry in your soup! Just do a search, you’ll be reading and weepin’!


    Happy Twisted Holidays!

    You can always find me where the twisted peep’s are!

    ~SMF Cyndi~


    14 December 2007

    On October 24, 2007, Twisted Sister signed a contract with Danny Peykoff, Niagara Distributing, for a performance scheduled to take place on December 14, 2007 at the Bren Events Center at UCI.

    Mr. Peykoff represented himself on behalf of his company, Niagara Distributing to hire the band for a “corporate fundraiser.”

    The band negotiated this appearance in good faith and was fully prepared to perform the show as contracted. The band flew to California from New York on Wednesday, December 12. Later that day, the band learned the performance had been cancelled through various postings on internet sites.

    At no time did Mr. Peykoff contact the band or the band’s representatives directly with any notice of cancellation.

    As is the nature with any professionally contracted live performance, deposits are kept if the promoter cancels the show, just as deposits are returned if the band cancels the show. In lieu of booking a concert in San Diego, the band committed to the contracted December 14, 2007 performance and was ready to perform.

    Mr. Peykoff’s statements to the press are a complete distortion of the facts, and due to the inflammatory nature of his accusations, are potentially libelous.

    A future statement from the band will be forthcoming.

  9. Hmmm. Sucks for all involved. One has to consider first that TS chose this show over another where they were getting part of the gate over their fee. This show the gate was to go to charity. So it’s probably not the money so much. I doubt that TS as far as rock and roll bands go are all that rich. More of a working band. 5 members to pay plus equipment, roadies, transport so on and so forth. It’s show business and it’s expensive.

    Really bad for the promoter, but they signed the contract. I’m impressed by their efforts.

    The company I work for has the same type of deal. If a customer wants to opt out of a contract before it’s up we get liquidated damages to make up for part of the the lost contract.

    Hopefully they can work things out. Shame it didn’t come through.

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