WTW: Hurricane Huck Hits Mobile Home Mitt

Apropo of tonight’s weather…..Romney’s out, right?

It’s Comin’ Right For Us!

A class 5 Hucktastrophe just tore a line through the mobile home park of Mitt-mentum didn’t it?

It’s getting me in about 10 minutes so if you hear a funky-ass bassline in the distance be sure to grab any guns, cash, and assorted chirren/womenfolk on the way to the basement, Preston. Hucktastrophe is coming your way.


Don’t mess with a Missionary Man.

In Donkey Disaster Pr0n, heavy rains evidently stopped Obama voters from outnumbering Clinton voters in Tennessee.

Because the weather only effects one candidate’s voters, right? It’s a meteorological C-O-N….spiracy.

Damn, racist rain.  If Obamessiah was already President we could prosecute it for a hate crime.




  1. If I recall correctly, Richard Clarke and Valerie Plame warned him that tornadoes were planning to strike the MidWest and Southern United States but for 7 years he has refused to assert control over our nation’s weather and declare martial law whenever Stormtracker 5000 displays elevated colors.

    It also plays into his open borders policy. As such is the case, no weather is illegal. Many good, honest winds, rains, sleets, and snows flock to America for our freedoms and we shouldn’t discriminate against all of them for the few bad apples that get through.

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