Obama’s Messianic Creds

A lot has been made of the “Obamessiah” and his politics of hope. His followers have a fervor that reminds me more of the Life of Brian than the Book of Acts.

But let’s take a closer look at this new Messiah and another one who had the same title. The similarities are eerie.

Jesus said “blessed are those who grieve.”

Obama is a blessing to the habitually aggrieved.

Jesus made bread and fishes to feed the masses.

Obama made lots of bread from some big fish.

With Jesus, one’s guilt will washed as white as snow.

With Obama, the white guilt will be washed with one vote.

Jesus let the little children come to Him.

Obama let the little children obtain abortions without parental consent.

Jesus was not ashamed to associate with a woman of ill repute.

Obama’s campaign was made ill by his association with a shameless woman.

Jesus brought hope to the blind and lame by healing them.

Barack lamely sells hope to the blindly loyal.

Jesus showed friendship with Tax Collectors.

Barack made friends by collecting taxes.

Jesus turned the other cheek to His enemies.

Barack cheekily agreed to sit down with America’s enemies.

Jesus’ arrival was proclaimed by a lone voice in the wilderness.

Obama’s arrival was proclaimed by a loud voice in the Midwest.

Many of Jesus’ followers speak in unintelligible “tongues”.

Many of Obama’s followers speak in unintelligible “tongues”.

Hope, for the time is near!



  1. Thanks for the nod, Gordo.

    Something tells me this People’s Movement isn’t going to end until some Congressmen are shot while trying to escape from Guyana.

    I just heard ABC Nightly News saying that Obama was in high spirits after last night’s debate. Funny how cocaine will do that to you.

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