The Confederate State of the Black Union 2008

C-Span has the State of the Black Union 2008 on for the rest of this afternoon. (That link will take you to the C-span archives where it’s broken into three sections:  the morning, afternoon, and Clinton’s remarks) – the outrageous outrage of Dick Gregory Youtubes are listed below after the jump)

You want to get to the root of the problem with race in this country? You need free material to write about this afternoon?

Do yourself a favor and force yourself to watch these people for two hours. It will become painfully evident who the problem is.

My prescription? A mirror big enough for everyone on the stage to get a good look at themselves.

Serial racebaiting radio talker Tom Joyner elevates the discussion intentionally ebonicizing his question: “What is we gonna do (laughter from the crowd) if Barack Obama doesn’t win?”

I dunno. What is you been doin’ up until now? *crickets*

Then somebody on the panel says that they’ve got to take “n-words” seriously and the crowd gets a little uncomfortable so the panel ignores the comment.

Good stuff. Tune in!

Michael Steele will be coming up too so we should expect some fireworks. Al Sharpton, Donna Brazile, Cornel West, some other names that mean something to the radicalized culminating with Hillary Clinton addressing the group at the end.

This is one of the longest fuses to a bomb I’ve ever seen.

Allright, they’re back.

Cornel West is doing his best Oswald Bates impersonation. (you will not be able to watch the rest of this symposium if you click on that link)

More Oswald!

Eddie Glaude from Princeton University contends that W.E.B. DuBois had it easier than modern day blacks.

Dick Gregory launches into a “Chocolate City” riff in praise of Ray Nagin who is naturally in attendance. John Lennon was the walrus, but Dick Gregory is “the turtle”.

Seems Dick can’t shut up. Per Mr. Gregory, the two strongest people in American history are the black woman and the black church. Uh, huh. I suppose he has a point. We may have never known how strong the black woman was had the black man not abandoned her so often.

Nicole Lee of the Transafrica Forum supports US military intervention in Darfur and the Congo. She is very concerned about Africa though no one mentions Bush’s visit there this week. A quick point, no one is stopping anyone from going to help people in Africa.

Michael Steele, the lone Republican in today’s panel, explains his background as the son of a sharecropper’s daughter, working in the office of Thomas Jefferson who loved to get down with Sally Hemmings and praising Ray Nagin. Thus, securing the reason why he’s a race traitor who needed to be drawn in blackface by a dearly departed blogger.

Steele continues on to deliver a message that talk is cheap and people need to take responsibility for their own actions and quit making excuses for all of the problems in their lives. Obviously, the man is a pariah. People will politely applaud the talk of personal responsibility and should resume their regularly scheduled whining about why the government is the cause of and solution to every problem in life before Sheila “I’m A Queen” Jackson-Lee comes on.

Queen Sheila declares that Tavis Smiley is the modern day Martin Luther King and W.E.B. DuBois because of all “the spears” he’s been taking. Huh?

Queeny says Michael Steele can come to her house because he’s not Ward Connelly. Also, Charlie Rangel is on the Ways and Means Committee and can’t be ignored because he’s fighting for the “psychic” (sic) of this country.

Miss Sheila takes a strong stand on Crack. Equalize drug sentencing and release the crack dealers so they can go home and support their families. Being the responsible crack dealers they were.

Ok. They’ve given Stephanie Woodward of Dillard University (I’ll presume it exists because she knows how to talk about everything and nothing all at once without taking a a breath for twenty minutes) the microphone and I got lost about 14 tangents ago. Her closing? Youth will hold “the check writers” accountable.

That is exactly the opposite of correct. Keep the receipt on your education, girlfriend. Hopefully Dillard has a 30-Day return policy.

Michael Eric Dyson, the Georgetown University professor, says that when Obama is President that Jesse Jackson is his prophet.

Oh, and “negroes be talkin’ ’bout is he black enough”. He then puts on his “black voice” to imitate the Black Everyman wondering “Doctor Dyson, “Da white foke might not vote fo’ him” – “Dr. Dyson, Dey might kill him” .

Laughably, he then says that they don’t vote for skin or pigment – they vote for principle. Barack will take his race into account. “He’s winkin’ at negroes howlin’ at white foke trying to bring us together – stop playa hatin’ on negroes”.

That’s a direct quote. Thanks professor.

Herreast Harrison is a Hurricane Katrina Survivor – one of only a handful of survivors apparently. Because everybody died. Oh….wait.

Ruh-roh. Revvum Al says that Hillary Clinton needs to explain the race-tinged comments that have come out of people in her campaign when she addresses this mob scene later today. Al does extend Obamessiah a pass for not showing up so that he can campaign against Cankles.

Jesus. They let Dick Gregory back on stage and he’s going off on a twenty minute rant about Whitey “putting sleeping pills in his Malt Liquor, white boy”. You can’t make this shit up. The crowd’s going wild and giving him a standing ovation. A manganese plant is spraying his neighborhood at night when he’s asleep. A black guy goes to Iraq and comes home to find a white cop shootin’ his mama in the back. “How do you let the cops shoot your mama and your daddy and your daughter in the back?”

If you were watching that, you just saw Hillary’s Sister Souljah moment. All of those people on the stage cheered Gregory’s nutball rant right down to Donna Brazile clapping and cheering in the seat next to him and esteemed Tavis Smiley couldn’t be prouder. Get the Youtube of this video!

Here’s some of it – knock yourself out!

Here’s another long block of the cheered madness of Dick Gregory at yesterday’s event. (about 6:30 in – this is the exceptionally crazy one)

The gist of it being that the Bush Administration hates Condoleeza Rice because they call her “Condi”. And even though she has a Ph.D. so does a soda pop darker than her called Dr. Pepper.

Ugh. They invited him back for the closing and he’s talking about blueprints and black people are scabs and he’s going to cut Whitey and he sees black people so dark they’re purple. And Tavis just cheers. You can go to Princeton, Or Morehouse, or the Pendagon but only God can make a scab! And if I cut you, Whitey, then that scab is going to be darker than you because God is saying black people are here to heal the planet.

I’m paraphrasing here.


Later kids!

Hillary’s Remarks: She’s delighted to be there. (teehee)

It’s never about race or sex but it always come down to that doesn’t it? She’s so proud of the progress her party has made in selecting her vagina and Barack Obama’s skin color. She claims that she never had any intentions to run for President when growing up.

Without ever acknowledging the comments from her campaign, she wants to stick with the “unity” theme that they are all in this together – for the nation’s sake.

She’s had enough of “the hand wringing, fingerpointing, and grim statistics” because she’s a gap closer. Income, crime, healthcare. She sees a gap. She closes it.

When she looks at all the black men in jail, she sees the future leaders of black America. And to double federal funding to private segregationist HBCU’s.

She sees a conspiracy in formaldehyde in FEMA trailers to poison blacks in this country. That it is there on purpose.

She’s going to create 5 million “green collar jobs”. Start training in innercities. She blames the Minnesota bridge collapse and Katrina levees on government not spending enough money.

She’ll force banks to invest in poor areas and reiterated her point that she will stop banks from foreclosing on homes. She’s going to prosecute the banks for lending ARMS to black people for homes, criminally, and then let them keep the house they couldn’t afford. Because “it’s their birth right”.

There’s nothing we can’t do if we set our government lawyers minds to it!

The applause? Eh, nothing too special. Thanks for caring enough to pander though.

Tavis’ first question goes to the heart of “the pain” in her racist campaign tactics against Obama. She dodges the question by making it about her and what she’s been through. Hey, look over there! It’s George Bush! Vote for me. We have to unite against Bush. Mistakenly believing that he is running for President again.

Tavis’ second question touches on the seating of Florida & Michigan delegates and superdelegates as a whole. She claims that the primary season used to be longer. Whu- -? Four year primaries are the norm? She strikes back on Kennedy as a superdelegate supporting Obama even though she carried the Massholes by 15%.

But she leaves wiggle room that superdelegates can change their votes so all is fair.

She worked for four years with Queeny Jackson Lee to get a bust made of Sojourner Truth. A worthy investment of Congressional time and treasure to be certain.

In the end, it’s all going to work out. As long as those nasty Republicans don’t divide and conquer us.

Tavis goes back to Bill’s racial comments again. Spin, spin, spin. And then pauses.

“Bill apologized for slavery.” He “mended” Affirmative Action. He gave all you ingrates on the stage jobs. A rising tide lifts all Amistads. Whether you misinterpreted what he said – is your problem and it is regrettable.

She is speaking to the crowd as if they are all Democrats. “We”, “us”, “them”. I imagine that’s not too far from the truth.

She wants an income tax on everyone thrown into a pool to pay for everyone for universal healthcare. She talks about giving subsidies to force small businesses to pay for healthcare. Or that she is going to take George Bush’s tax cuts from the rich to pay for it. Did those guys just leave that money laying around?

Forced universal mandatory healthcare for everyone. Under penalty of law.

Exit question: In a close race, Tavis wonders how she’s going to win the “black foke” as he refers to them.

It’s hard work. Duh. But as well all know – she ain’t no ways tired.

Tavis Smiley closes with a joke about how he’s got about “Eight negroes” working at Tavis Smiley Industries with Clinton sitting next to him smiling.

They close with a Benediction. Tax exempt atheist secularists…be sure to complain to your local IRS agent for this in-kind contribution to the Democrat Party. The Rev. thanks G*d for Tavis Smiley.

Expect to hear nothing of this in the news tonight. Thanks for tuning in.


  1. Cornel West is talking about the deodorized conception of America.

    WoM, you need to get your fine white ass over to C-Span and learn about the “catastrophe” that’s going on in this country.

    My fingers can’t keep up with this snaggletooth’s idiocy.

  2. Please don’t be dissin’ such vital discussion.

    I learned the word “contextualize” and have been able to work it into my vocabulary quite nicely thanks to the amazing intellectual conversationalizing at this year’s SOBU.

    I also learned that us white “foke” were responsible for Hurricane Katrina which leaves me feeling pretty guilty – especially now that I’ve accepted responsibility for that slavery thing a couple hundred years ago.

    When will our evil reign ever end?

  3. I may not completely agree with you paraphrasing, but I too sat through the entire thing. I sought to see how leadership was representing the black community, but I never really heard the panel collectively address the issues of the black agenda. One thing I did take away was the theme of accountability for yourself, your representives, and your government. I didn’t necessarily think that was one groups, majority or minority, agenda; that is just how I was raised: Take responsibility for your own actions, hold those elected officials to their word, and actively participate in political issues because it is your national/state/city duty. The other thing I took away was being referred to as a “cracker”. I’m not sure why that is socially acceptable and why no one is outraged by the racial slur. I guess I took for granted being raised to treat EVERYONE equal, with respect, and that racial slurs weren’t acceptable in any shape, form, or fashion. I have to say that while they might have had something intelligent to say individually, collectively I didn’t get a clear picture of what the “black agenda” was. As a youth trying to actively engage in politics, I would have been quite disappointed in the leadership I watched there.

  4. Any legitimacy Tavis Smiley’s program sought to have was completely undermined by his and the complete inability of anyone on his panel to hold any other panel member “personally responsible” (there’s that theme again) for the absolutely nutball things that were said and cheered by the audience.

    Those Dick Gregory videos are damning to any moral authority the Rev. Tavis Luther DuBois seeks to bestow upon himself. And consequently Hillary Clinton who came to pander in the face of some rather extremist opinions spoken just moments before she took the stage.

    Luckily, the C-Span cameras were there. Anyone is free to hit their archives and spend 8 hours watching this thing from start to finish like I did. The idea of dozens of white legislators, authors, professors, and so on coming together to manifest “the white agenda” is abhorrent and so was this.

    The so called “youth” they showcased – the teen from Memphis and the Stephanie Woodward character….I don’t believe it would have been possible to set the bar any lower in terms of their contribution. The teen said “End No Child Left Behind” and the audience erupts and Smiley drones on ad nauseum about how he’s “got competition from a young, educated brother droppin’ serious knowledge” so to speak. Woodward was all over the place and incoherent.

    The only other agenda at work here was to increase the stock of Tavis Smiley as a legitimate social commentator – which he’s completely incapable of being.

    For someone trying to become engaged in politics, there are better examples than these self-anointed leaders of the black community.

    Try looking up Dr. Carol Swain at Vanderbilt some time.

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