RIP, Charlton

As Vinnie so aptly put it, Hollywood just got 100% shittier.

Of course, Charlton was one of those nasty “activists” who stood in the way of the global good, according to the Anti-American-Associated Press. I’m sure glad there are no other activists in Hollywood, or that might cheapen their consistently excellent product.

Unfortunately, whenever I think of Charlton Heston, I also think of the Stump video “Charlton Heston” from the late-1980’s glory days of MTV’s 120 minutes. Video below the fold. The video also qualifies this post as “Toad Blogging”.

UPDATE (Cranky):

As touched as I was about the toads (thanks Pres.), I think this tribute written by Richard Dreyfuss for National Review(!) on the news of Heston’s illness is very touching.

I am shy around movie stars. True, if odd. My tongue sticks to the roof of my mouth and all I can think to say is I loved you in … So it is with Charlton Heston.

In his presence I seem to nod idiotically like one of these doggies in the back of rear windows of cars. He always tries to make my agonies a bit smaller since he is such a gentleman. We’ve talked about children and gun control but usually it’s hopeless and I just end up trying not to stare.

Is so and so a great actor? A good actor? A bad actor? Speaking as an expert it’s a stupid question. The actor either gets you to where you have to go, or not. Heston did; priceless. He could portray greatness, which is no longer an artistic goal; he could portray a grandeur that was so satisfying. What he was able to personify so perfectly for us was a vision of ourselves called heroic. Is this out of favor? Out of step? Antique? Yes, antique as in gorgeous, incredibly valuable, and not produced anymore but this is a critique of the world, not him (hopefully we will one day come back to all that).

It has become fashionable to characterize his politics; almost as if his politics were a separate thing, like Diana’s popularity. People are either defensive or patronizing (if not contemptuous). I can only say I wish all the liberals and all the conservatives I knew had the class and forbearance he has. Would I be as patient or serene when so many had showed me such contempt, or tried to make me feel stupid or small? I doubt it, truly I do. This is dignity, simply and completely. A much more important quality than political passion at the end of the day, and far more lacking, don’t you think?

It is a terrible, terrible, terrible thing that Charlton Heston is going through this (earlier this month, Heston announced he had been diagnosed with symptoms consistent with Alzheimer’s disease), but I confess that there is a part of my heart where I am grateful for the opportunity to let him know what he’s meant to me.

Read it all.

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  1. Glad I heard it first from you. I’m not going to bother reading the AP story. Anger only serves to raise the blood pressure. Maybe my friends and I will fire off a few rounds in his honor this Tuesday.

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