Your Tax Refund And You

Here’s an interesting video from (Video after the jump)

At the Cranky household, we had a great debate to do with our check.

My daughter, the fiscal conservative, wants to send the entire balance to Citibank and get us out of debt.

On the other side was my son, the economist, (and I’m not making this up) wants to stimulate the economy (his words) and preserve the spirit of the stimulation package (my words). Yes, it would enrich American Eagle, but that’s the point.

What are you going to do with your free gubmint money?

17 comments on “Your Tax Refund And You

  1. We’re using part of ours to pay a financial planner to help us determine how to make more money so that B. Hussein can redistribute it to his homies. The rest will go to savings since we ain’t got no credit card debt (for now).

  2. I’m going to “Navin R Johnson” it and invest my winnings of 600 guvment dollars (and some cheese and maybe a mule plus 39.5 acres of prime bottom land) in the Opti Grab and then into a study about anonymity among bloggers.

    I wanna get my 40-dollahs worth.

    Have a stellar weekend, all of my favorite inmates at 6MB.


  3. Well, we won’t be receiving one of those checks. We don’t fall into that, um, bracket. But our oldest has already committed his to new wheels for his rock crawler.

    I love it when our kids start responding with what we’ve instilled in them.

  4. I am going to buy as many copies of “Lone Survivor” as I can squeeze out of it. Then I will give a copy to everyone I know.

    Greatest book of an American military man that I’ve ever read.

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