The NFL Draft Is Well Underway

And the Titans are addressing our desperate need at running back by picking Chris Johnson from East Carolina. Obama knows we need it and keeping with TT’s tradition of picking lesser known players in an attempt to save a buck or three. 4.2 speed. Think about that for a second. Get his weight right and you’ve got a little bowling ball rolling down the field if his vision’s tight.

The addition of Alge Crumpler at tight end in the offseason cannot be overstated. He’s the best TE in the game and I don’t care who says otherwise. Todd Heap lovingly massages monkey balls at the zoo compared to Crumpler. In a Coach Fish offense, Crumpler’s role is integral to a successful scrambling, PA quarterback.

Now all we need is an OT, 2 DTs, the deep threat WR, and a LB to compliment Keith Bulluck and we’re going to be in bidness.

w00t! Nowhere to go but up. Chime in with your draft comments if you think we fubbed up.

I’ve got to head down the street. It’s a A Vast Chicken Wing Conspiracy thing.

Round #2 – One for the Road!

True to form, the Powder Blue Crew prematurely picked up another no name. Jason Jones takes the Flaming Tits #2 pick. I said they needed two DLs so an easy guess for me. Says something about their faith in Michael Roos that they didn’t spend that 2nd round pick on somebody to protect the other side.

They pride themselves on seeing diamonds in the rough, you see? East Michigan’s finest I’m sure. Rocky Boiman, Rocky Calmus, Tyrone Calico, Drew Bennett, Kevin Dyson, Andre Dyson, Justin McCareins, Tank Williams, Lamont Thompson, Peter Sirmon, Antwan Odom, Travis LaBoy, Billy Volek, Steve McNair (Appalachian State) – need I go on? A slew of linebackers and defensive linemen. People who never have much success outside of the Titans program either.

Admittedly, we get burned a lot with the big name picks too.  The infamous Pacman Jones, Andre Woolfolk, Roydell Williams, and even Lendale White really remain to be seen.  To a lesser extent, Derrick Mason, Jevon Kearse, and Eddie George.  Let’s be honest.  What was Eddie George’s longest run from scrimmage in his career with the Titans.

Too bad they don’t understand that by taking Jevon Kearse back that he will still suck and be injury ridden unless they realize that they have a blitzing linebacker playing DL, but I digress.

No, I don’t digress. The announcers are sitting here talking about how Jason Jones only weighs 270 yet Kearse only weighs 265 after all of these years. Pull your head out of your ass, coach. Freakishness fades with age. Convert his ass to a Spying Linebacker who blitzes weak spots on the line and gets in the backfield. In non-blitzing plays have him use those lanky tree trunks of his to swat down balls across the middle of the field. Underscoring the need for a second defensive lineman.

The cast at Music City Miracles doesn’t seem to understand that the Wide Receivers haven’t been flying off the shelf during the first two rounds (0 in the 1st round and 9 in the 2nd) so you can still get your deep threat in the 3rd/4th rounds easy. Some hard luck cases with work ethic, health, and off-the-field issues have been taken but screw that noise. Let somebody else play babysitter.


  1. The addition of Alge Crumpler at tight end in the offseason cannot be overstated. He’s the best TE in the game and I don’t care who says otherwise.

    Dude, Crumpler vs. Antonio Gates? Get serious…

    Though the Tits certainly know how to neutralize Gates via the cheap shot…

  2. And loving every minute of it.

    Put it this way – statistically you guys are correct. But San Diego has had some pretty high flying offense going during Gates’ time between Drew Brees and Rivers.

    Michael Vick could not throw for shit and Crumpler maintained respectable numbers even through those anemic offense years.

    We’ll see.

  3. Brian,

    No, Parker is fine, well better anyway. I think Pittsburgh drafted a running back because 1)Rashard Mendenhall wasn’t expected to drop that far, but he did, so the Steelers grabbed him & 2)They would like Parker to last a few years. Hopefully this kid will pan out & carry some of the load. They really needed help on the O & D lines. They didn’t get it in this draft. Rothlesburger spent most of last year running for his life and still had a great year. Imagine what he would have done had he had a O-line. The D-line underperformed and isn’t getting any younger.

  4. Eddie George was rookie of the year and then in his second year was NFL MVP, and somewhere in there the Titans actually made it to the Super Bowl.

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