Cultural Assisted Suicide

I regret not seeing this when Cold Fury put it up but I’ll forward it on without comment:

I would have given it a “10” but Uncle Sam would have needed to be holding the revolver with both hands and one should say “Obama” and the other one “McCain”.

And yes. That was a comment.

I’m a ritual liar.

You’ll find out soon enough if you didn’t know already. I wanted to steal Cranky’s thunder before his George Soros funded New York Times Best-selling (i.e., George Soros bought out the first print) “tell all” book grabs the headlines away from Scott McClellan.

Thanks Cranky. I knew it was too soon to make you my Press Secretary.

Upon further review, Uncle Sam would not be able to hold up Western Civilization with one hand if he’s holding the gun with two.

Let’s prop up Western Civilization with an illegal alien.

Dang! I missed it by a second!

Well, it’s not too late to buy it in the bargain bin. Please come to my book signing at the Borders XPress an the Newark, NJ Grand Plaza shopping mall this Saturday.


  1. I already haf 5 copies to gif to all of my wifes. I can’t wate to see you Satday to sine all my books. I never met a reel riter be4!

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