Some People Deserve To Die

No, I didn’t hate George Carlin that much.  Nor is it a wishlist.  I hate to get my hopes up like that.

This is about the death penalty in general as our local, occasional daily The City Paper stokes the fires of the Justice Denialists over at TCASK with all this talk of our “system being broken”.

From a detached position, you can put your designer coffee down, sit Indian-style in your drum circle and marvel at what a pious soul you are for trying to stop someone from having retribution after a grievous offense against their person or family.

But much like Scene flack Sarah Kelley, all you are really doing is banging on your bongos for the scum of the earth.   You’d rape them yourself but Obama stickers don’t pass themselves out.  Besides, that pen is good for a thousand cuts isn’t it?

Take this case for instance…

We can’t tell you her name but she was able to tell a jury about what happened to her. And her determination to recount some of the most incredible savagery ever heard in a courtroom is testimony to her courage and her desire to see justice done.


The recall of a Columbia University student that unfolded in a New York City hall of justice on Monday was almost too hard to hear. The 24-year-old victim sat in the witness box with her jaw clenched and her mind focused, as she retold the unimaginable ordeal she claims she suffered at the hands of 31-year-old Robert Williams (top left).

The ex-con stared straight ahead as his 24-year-old accuser poured out her story of a 19-hour rape and torture session, a day-long siege so brutal she begged her attacker to kill her.

It happened on April 13, 2007 when Williams allegedly burst into her New York City apartment.

He’s accused of forcing her to have oral sex and raping her seven times during that ordeal, but that wasn’t the worst of it.

He allegedly scalded her with boiling water from a kettle, forced her to take massive doses of painkillers, used a knife to mutilate her face and slice her eyelids and ordered her to gouge out her own eyes using the same blade.

When she refused, cops say he threw bleach into her face in an attempt to blind her.

“I was burning all over,” the witness related in terms so vivid many jury members had to look away. “He threw the rest of the bleach into my face, but I was able to close my eyes in time. I was breathing it in. My lungs were burning.”

And still she didn’t give up. At one point, she fought back, using the scissors police contend he forced her to cut her hair with. “I tried to stab him in the neck,” she testified, noting she cut two of her own fingers in the attempt. “He grabbed my hand and threw me into the corner.

“When he started raping me again, I was sure I was going to die.

“I asked him, ‘How does this end?’ and he said, ‘You know how this ends,'” she told the hushed courtroom. “I took that to mean he was going to kill me.”

By the time her attacker poured a second kettle of boiling water on her open wounds, the woman was pleading for him to kill her so the pain would stop.

“I was screaming and crying and in so much pain and agony,” she testified. “I said, ‘Just kill me. You know you’re going to kill me anyway. Just kill me.'”

But she claims he refused. “No, you’re not good enough for that,” she said he told her. When he ordered her to gouge out her own eyes a second time, she took the blade, ready to commit suicide.

“I was in so much pain I decided to aim for my neck, and if I died it would be so much quicker than how he was going to do it,” she related. She tried to fall onto the blade but missed.

That enraged the intruder so much that he struck her with something, possibly her own TV set. The attacker then slashed at her eyelids again, “beating my face, my eye sockets, with the blunt end of the knife.”

She screamed until she mercifully blacked out.

But mercy wasn’t something this man had for her.

When she came to, she was alone in her apartment and tied to her bed. Her intruder was gone but had left one last terrible surprise for her. He started a fire in her room, hoping to kill her as she lay there helpless. She couldn’t untie her hands so she made one last incredible decision to burn off the ties that kept her captive.

Obviously, society not providing enough midnight basketball is to blame and we should reward his failure by only convicting him of “attempted murder”.  Seven years of hard time making macaroni art and raping his fellow inmates ought to do the trick.

Currently, Activist Judge Aleta Trauger and her gubernatorial cohort and aspiring Vice Presidential candidate Gov. Phil Bredesen are enforcing a de facto abolition of the death penalty in Tennessee. They are keeping a convicted two-time rapist/convicted murderer named Paul House and another double murder named Pervis Payne (who was arrested literally dripping from head to toe in his victim’s blood) away from a death far too gentle than the ones they dispensed.

The unnamed Columbia grad student may have faced her accuser alone in that courtroom today but her rapist’s support group is legion in the newsrooms, robes of Democrat appointed judges, and pols who politicize Justice for their own personal gain.

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  3. My Brother was the Police officer shot in Knoxville by a career criminal who had been arrested just two or three day prior and released. He has weapons charges drug charges what dose it take to lock these people up and keep them there. We need to be able to hold the people who releases them responsible for there actions that would slow it up quickly.

  4. Neil Entwistle who murdered his nine month old baby girl and his wife was found guilty just moments ago. Here in the Peoples Republic of Mass. There is no death penalty. Not because the people dont want it, because the legislature struck it down. If anyone deserves to die, its this prick

  5. I take it you are speaking of Cleven Johnson.

    How’s your brother doing, Spanky?

    Nashville is going to get a lot worse before it gets better with former Defense Attorney Karl Dean at the helm. I’m sure the criminals are shaking in their sneakers at the thought that the guy who got them off of the murder rap is running the city.

  6. Thanks for asking Brian Norman is home doing pretty good having trouble with his right shoulder and some pain in his sternum. Yes I was speaking of dirt bag johnson and all those of his ilk that pray on the sheep that is society. Thank god thier are sheep dogs out there like my brother to protect us from scum like johnson.

  7. It’s too bad we don’t have enough outlets to defend decent people from the media that often side with the scum.

    Oh, they will stay detached while the investigation is going on but give them 5, 10, or 20 years and they’ll be the first to scream, “New evidence! Somebody didn’t dot an “i” or cross a “t” correctly so we need to let him go.”

    Whether it’s Cleven or the Truckstop murderer Bruce Mendenhall or the Christian-Newsom murderers – the media sides with the scum whenever given the chance.

  8. Guys, maybe you didn’t hear Cleavon well enough during that video. He said he “ain’t did nuthin'”. Shouldn’t we take him at his word?

    Seriously, Spanky, let your bro know that the vast majority of us out in the real world are on the side of the good guys like your brother and we have him in our prayers.

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