Evolution Understood

In other news this evening, a Yves St. Laurent fashion designer sets the record straight.

The notion of wardrobe androgyny was the fitting theme of Yves Saint-Laurent’s men’s collection, the house that kicked off the just-ended Paris men’s shows where men’s fashion won a feminine touch.
At YSL, designer Stefano Pilati used quotations from Plato to explain why he combined female detailing with a masculine silhouette.

“The original human nature was not like the present … the sexes were not two as they are now.”

Of course by straight, I mean absolutely fab-u-lously flaming.

Yes, yes, the quote originally was from Plato, but that isn’t what he meant – unless there is some form of time transcendent homo-to-homo message I missed.

Then again, maybe there is something happening evolutionarily speaking.

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