A2M On The First Date

Well, the virulently anti-American German media has spoken:

Anyone who saw Barack Obama at Berlin’s Siegessäule on Thursday could recognize that this man will become the 44th president of the United States. He is more than ambitious — he wants to lay claim to become the president of the world.

Is that what Americans are wanting to elect?  Never say “politics ends at the water’s edge” anymore.  An ostensibly American candidate for President campaigning overseas is nauseating.  Pandering to the people who made the worst parts of the last century possible.

Europe is witnessing the 44th president of the United States during this trip. […]

Let’s allow ourselves to be warmed today, by this man at the Victory Column. Then we’ll take a further look.

Gerhard Spörl is the chief editor of DER SPIEGEL’s foreign desk.

Yes, let’s “be warmed today”.  Tonight the hot sex – tomorrow the AIDS test.

Nothing resonates with the foreign media like apologizing for us being a bunch of fuck-ups who mean well.

Yea, we suck but we try dammit.

Yea, our history is one of never quite living up to our creed but one of these days….

Don’t call him or Hobama bitter though.

A taxpayer funded Benetton campaign ad culminating in ditching a visit to US forces stationed in Germany.

Obama has “cancelled a planned short visit to the Rammstein and Landstuhl U.S. military bases in the southwest German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. The visits were planned for Friday.”

“Barack Obama will not be coming to us,” a spokesperson for the U.S. military hospital in Landstuhl told Der Spiegel. “I don’t know why.”

Updated – no visit because he would not be allowed to use it for a campaign stop.

Wouldn’t want to ruin the post-coital glow with a fawning European press corp that makes their US counterparts look like militant Birchers.

Count yourselves lucky, troops.  The only way Obama could have gone out on a higher note would have been if he rolled a live grenade into your barracks and raised the UN flag over your base.


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  2. “Count yourselves lucky, troops. The only way Obama could have gone out on a higher note would have been if he rolled a live grenade into your barracks and raised the UN flag over your base.”

    The Obamessiah in a nutshell. Following the hard left’s hollow claim of “supporting the troops”, which is code for doing everything they can to undermine them. Most excellent wordplay, Bmac.

  3. It just shows you one major flaw Obama has. He is a coward! He is probably afraid of the reception he would get from the soldiers. And if he was worried about it looking like a campaign event. DON’T LET THE PRESS COME WITH YOU!
    When will the Obama robots see this phony for what he is? He is nothing but canned speeches about hope and change. He wouldn’t know an original idea if jumped up and bit him on the rear. He is afraid to go on Fox News Sunday because they might ask him a tough question. He is afraid to debate McCain in an open town debate. He is afraid to admit the bravery, sacrifice, courage and performance of our troops during the surge is what made it work. And he is afraid to admit he was wrong about the surge all along. He is afraid to do anything that is not carefully scripted.

  4. I love how the tools in the MSM are continuing to escalate the actual numbers of the Germans at the Victory Column that were there for his fluffer duty. First they said, 75K, then 150K, then 200K… None the less, it was a crowd dominated by Euro-Pansie-Socialists; the same ones that shit on Ronald Reagan the whole time he protected their asses from Soviet thuggery. The last time I checked, Germany has some 50 Million people living there, so obviously Obama was pandering to a pitiful sample of the population. Even most Germans think this “Foreign Policy” theme park thrill ride by Obama is nauseating.

  5. Yid – It’s nice to see TG211 still throwing bolos and Keeping It Real(c)while Nigel is off jetsetting with his hoity-toity yacht friends and molesting a plate of whole crabs.

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