Month: September 2008

The Community Reinvestment Act And You!

Well, probably not you, since you read this blog, but this is a pretty good summary of how the CRA allowed the Dims to turn Fannie and Freddie into their own little slush fund. It’s not the whole of the current economic crisis, but it’s a big, fat, smelly chunk.

Warner Music made You Tube take the first version down, so watch it while you can. Replaced the You Tube version with Live Leak. You Tube can snack on my sack. (Thanks, Nigel) Just say hell no to the bailout. Also, say hell no to Warner Music products. Their empire is long overdue a good crumbling.

h/t Dad

Good News Monday

Even with all the bleakness running amok in the news cycle this week, you can still find nuggets of good news. For example: Sex offender accidentally killed during break-in.

Police responding to a call about 3:20 a.m. today found 64-year-old Robert McNally on the hallway floor with his arm around the neck of 52-year-old David T. Meyers, who died at the scene.

Police spokesman Sgt. Matthew Mount says Meyers had a heart condition and may have had a heart attack. An autopsy is planned.

Police said Meyers was naked except for a mask and latex gloves and had entered the home through a window with rope, condoms and a knife.

Police said the girl awoke and saw the man in her room and screamed.

Meyers had served 10 years in prison for criminal confinement and sexual deviate conduct and was wanted in Boone County for failure to register as a sex offender.
Police do not anticipate any charges against McNally.

Good riddance, you worthless sack of sub-human debris.

And kudos to you, Robert McNally! You have provided us with some good news on this Murky Monday. If only this could happen to more sex offenders. One down, at least.

The Week In Blogging

Well, really, there was none from me. Despite the debate (which B. Hussein Osama won if you work for NBC, MSNBC, Reuters or AP, or McCain won if you work for Drudge or Fox News), the economic meltdown and President Junior’s attempt to sell us down the river for 20 pieces of silver, and yet another pathetic performance on the gridiron from The Great Pumpkin’s Vols, I’ve been too busy to pay attention. Things should resume to normal half-assed blogging this week. It’s hard to stay in touch with current affairs when you’re living in Fantasyland™.


Atheism Is The New Black


I am not a party hack. Mike Kernell is my friend and I am standing by him. I KNOW he had nothing to do with this. Whatever his son did or didn’t do, Mike had nothing to do with any wrong doings.
As for your need to call me names, go join Six Meat Buffet, they do that there just to be cruel and evil. (And yes, G-dless–just ask them if they believe in G-d)
Terry is too classy to be cruel for the sake of being cruel to a fellow blogger.
But by all means, go join the chorus of G-dless haters at 6 Meat.

To my knowledge, Cranky is a Jew and Preston is a Christian.  Make that a chorus of one.

They told me when Bush was elected that civil rights would be rolled back for people who weren’t Christofascist godbotherers, and they were right!

When They Overplay Their Hand, Don’t Overplay Yours

As Sharon’s on one of her tears about what a mean ol’ meany I am, it’s important to make a few distinctions in regards to the investigation of one David “Orville Redenbacher” Kernell.  This investigation is not about The Last Honest Man ™, Memphis (of all places) rep. Mike Kernell.  This is about his son and what he appears to have done.

The only comparison I’ve made about the sins of the son on the father is the luxurious treatment he’s getting by someone who laid on Palin thick about her underage daughter being pregnant as being a reflection on her.  Last time I checked, pregnancy wasn’t a felony.

Hypocrisy is a stinky perfume but it’s being splashed on like so much Charlie in Cobb Country.

Two, as Sharon has taken it upon herself to be the Kernell Family’s official spokesperson and as they have circled the wagons, called in the lawyers, and dropped all communications with the media – I only have one question.

Did he do it?

Not “can you prove he did it”?  Because judging by his choice of attorneys it looks like he’s going to try and scapegoat somebody else.  Will there be digital DNA evidence in an investigation where circumstantial evidence is damning enough?  They will either have to claim somebody spoofed his account, that one of his roommates did it, or that someone broke into the apartment and did it.

Mind you, when your name is “Kernell” and you change the password on the account to “popcorn” you might just want to go ahead and plea bargain now.  Save yourself a lot of legal fees and family embarrassment.

Shades of Townhouse Affair, Jawas Light Up Obama Campaign Manager in Crawl-by Shooting

My little Townhouse Crackers will hold their fire until ordered, Sir.

A monumental piece of work from Rusty & Co. detailing how Mr. Clean’s campaign manager has been doing more than his fair share of dirt in orchestrating an acrid campaign behind the facade of the New “Grassroots” Media.

Extensive research was conducted by the Jawa Report to determine the source of smears directed toward Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Those smears included false allegations that she belonged to a secessionist political party and that she has radical anti-American views.

Our research suggests that a subdivision of one of the largest public relations firms in the world most likely started and promulgated rumors about Sarah Palin that were known to be false. These rumors were spread in a surreptitious manner to avoid exposure.

It is also likely that the PR firm was paid by outside sources to run the smear campaign.

It’s too long to quote at length but needless to say you would have to spin like a gyroscope to pretend that the Obama campaign was unaware and not orchestrating the smear campaign in violation of campaign finance laws.

It looks like the Townhouse List of smear merchants.  Creating a united front to get paid while putting out a message was the point of that, right? Was any campaign money used to grease these blogs in the Pay-for-Play world of the New Media Infotardment?  Somebody should be looking into that.  Even down to the ads in the sidebars.

Chicago style – good for deep dish pizza.  Bad for politics.

Cheers for everybody else who worked with them on this campaign:  Jane, Dan, Ace, and Patterico.

Jeers for every leftwing blogger who does not realize that any credibility you thought you had just got pissed away by a bloggertory cabal of shills who make Alan Freed look like the portrait of integrity.

Who Doesn’t Love Slandering The Dead?

It’s increasingly one of America’s most popular past times.  So much so that major leftwing websites often have to close their comments sections when someone on the Right dies.   Have we learned nothing?

Apparently not as these Arbiters of Good Taste have nominated a word-class necroslanderer who cynically and expediently lies about his own wife and child’s deaths to try and win over a few MADD mothers.

Who doesn’t drink their lunch once in a great while?

As late as 2007 Biden said that the man who was involved in the fatal crash that killed his wife and daughter was a “guy who allegedly … drank his lunch” before he got behind the wheel of his truck and in 2001 the TV show Inside Edition aired a tape of Biden saying the truck driver “stopped to drink instead of drive.”

We give him credit for being half right, shouldn’t we?  That would be the right thing to do wouldn’t it?  Except if you happen to belong to the family of the person he’s exploiting:

This drunk driving accusation, though, is simply a Biden creation and every time this claim is uttered it pains the family of the poor, maligned man involved in the tragic accident with Biden’s family, truck driver Curtis C. Dunn. Gannett owned DelewareOnline reports the anguish that Biden’s continued lie causes the man’s family every time it is uttered.

“To see it coming from [Biden’s] mouth, I just burst into tears,” Dunn’s daughter, Glasgow resident Pamela Hamill, 44, said Wednesday. “My dad was always there for us. Now we feel like we should be there for him because he’s not here to defend himself.”

In truth, there was no finding of alcohol being involved in this tragic incident. In fact, some investigators thought at the time that the accident was caused by Biden’s wife pulling out into the intersection not having seen Dunn’s truck bearing down upon her. It was simply a horrible accident with no blame saying Dunn was at fault, much less drunk.

You could say it was an honest mistake had Biden not acknowledged as much in a note to the family a few years ago:

As Hamill watched a recording of the Inside Edition report Wednesday, she gasped when the clip of Biden’s comments from Iowa came on screen.

After reading a News Journal account of Biden’s 2001 speech at UD, Hamill sent Biden a letter on behalf of her father. The newspaper story included Biden’s description of getting the call that his wife and daughter had died, but not his comments about Dunn.

Hamill said her note to the senator described how Dunn was affected by the accident.

Printed on the senator’s letter head and dated Oct. 11, 2001, the response from Biden reads:
“I apologize for taking so long to acknowledge your thoughtful and heartfelt note,” Biden wrote. “All that I can say is I am sorry for all of us and please know that neither I nor my sons feel any animosity whatsoever.”

What he meant to say is:  “All that I can say is that  I am sorry for me.  Please know that I will run your father’s name through the mud whenever it gives me an opportunity to play the sympathy card even though my wife was likely responsible for the accident.”

We know how some people feel so strongly about this subject.  Please refer all comments to Biden.Senate.Gov.

It took a lot of grueling investigation work to find that Senate website with a phone number on it.  If anyone needs The Slanderer of Scranton’s e-mail address you can just contact me personally* .

I, however, will not let people slander my good friend Joe Biden who is constantly slandering Dunn and his family for cheap political points so I’m going to close the comments.

/Because I’m seasoned like that.

Well, maybe I’ll open the comments if some FReepers show up.

Bench Crompton Now And Forever

2nd and 3rd String cannot be any worse.  Please, oh merciful Lord (the Obamessiah), from my mouth to your ears, from your telekinetic brainwaves to the talking hot dog bun in The Great Pumpkin’s fanny pack.  Please, for all that is Orange outside of prison jumpsuits and traffic cones, set Jonathan Crompton down until further notice:

It’s halftime at Neyland Stadium, and one team looks like it’s serious about winning a championship. The other looks like it’s serious about … well, being the laughing stock of the SEC.

We all make mistakes.  Hell, I bought the wrong kind of Wet Jet hardwood floor solution at the store 2 years ago and I haven’t heard the end of it yet.

Your playcalling is to scoring what RU-486 is to a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese.  It’s just not happening.

My drinking, however, is coming along quite nicely.

Fulmer, you should be handed a pink slip at the end of this game.

The Road Worrier

It’s official.  We are out of gas.

After jockeying for position with my fellow Nashvillains for those extra casting positions in the remake of Mad Max.  I knew it was time to head back to homebase when this kind gentleman gave me the international sign language for “Pull over, I’d like to discuss the environmental implications of drilling in ANWR and/or your ANUS”.

Not in my backyard, buddy.

I’m gonna call up Jimmy The Goose and hang at the homestead while the Vols get killed by the Gators.

In case The Knight Rider wants to come by and gloat, I’ll have something ready for his ass too.

A Clockwork O-Rage

Iowahawk always brings a gun to a knife fight.

“But enough of words, actions speak louder than,” said Obama, pulling a bowler-clad campaign volunteer to the stage by his suspenders for a demonstration. “Action now. Observe all.”

After swinging a hobnailed boot into the aide’s yarbles, the stadium crowd erupted in cheers.

“I’m siii-inging in the rain, just siii-inging in the rain,” noted Obama, cheerfully dancing around the hunched-over aide. “Welly welly well what have we here? A naughty neighborman what has him a McCain yard sign?”

“Looks like a job for me old woodly comrades Hope and Change,” he added, gleefully drubbing the man with his trademark twin baseball bats to the crowd’s rhythmic chants of “Yes We Can, Yes We Can.”

“We are the Droogs we’ve been waiting for,” he concluded as the P.A. system struck up Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, the new official campaign song. “Lets get ’em boys!”


God? Not On My Watch!

Today’s Old Media should be collectively run over with a steamroller.

When Obama talks about his version of “god” (a/k/a, himself), it’s enlightenment. When President Clifford prayed that God watch over the troops he sent in his play wars, it was necessary. When JFK and FDR prayed for the protection of our troops, our country and for victory, it was leadership and strength.

When a *gasp* Republican utters the same phrases, they’re Theocrats bent on invading the wombs and bedrooms of the country’s liberal elites (and those dumb enough to fall in line with them). Maybe bedwetting little media shits like Charlie Gibson are so taken aback by the sincere mention of God because they’re part vampire? It’s hard to say without examining the DNA evidence, but I think it’s time to start taking samples and doing what needs to be done.

Palin Hacker Dickhead Revealed, Attention Whore Springs Into Action

***UPDATED 9/21/08****
FBI has served a search warrant on David “The Popcorn” Kernell’s apartment in Knoxville.  I eagerly await our local Baghdad Bob Roberta to declare no such thing has happened. (h/t Terry Frank)

Kernell, a Memphis Democrat, said his 20-year-old son David had been contacted by authorities investigating the hacking of Palin’s personal email account.


Kernell otherwise declined to comment, or discuss his son’s whereabouts and whether he was in custody.

Reports that Palin’s e-mail had been hacked bounced across blogs and into the news on Thursday.

Contact Theo Emery at 615-726-4889 or

Agents of Karl Rove no doubt.

We now return you to The Spin Cycle as it originally aired.


Well aren’t you special?

If David does turn out to be involved in hacking, Mike Kernell had nothing to do with it. Anyone who knows Kernell, knows he doesn’t even email because he hates computers and is computer illiterate. That’s the irony. Everyone who knows Mike is chuckling because he hates computers.

There are very few people I would vouch for, but Mike Kernell is one of them, and if it turns out his son did something wrong, Mike had nothing to do with it.

And I reiterate, as of this moment, NO ONE has contacted Mike or his son from law enforcement and as of now it is an Internet rumor.

UPDATE: 7:27 PM. If you’re in the press and want Mike Kernell’s phone number, email me at

Ah, seasoned journalism at it’s finest.  It’s not like state legislators don’t have their fucking telephone numbers published on their webpages.

Quick, Mike Kernell, a Government Official ™, is talking about government business with a local moron.  Someone must eavesdrop on their conversations and e-mails in violation of all federal and state laws on the subject!

Tenn. Code Ann. § 39-13-601: A person who is a party to a wire, oral or electronic communication, or who has obtained the consent of at least one party, can lawfully record a communication and divulge the contents of the recorded communication unless he has a criminal or tortious purpose for doing so. Violations are punishable as felonies with jail sentences of between two and 12 years and fines not exceeding $5,000. Tenn. Code Ann. §§ 39-13-602, 40-35-111.

Anyone whose communications have been unlawfully intercepted can sue to recover the greater of actual damages, $100 per day of violation or $10,000, along with punitive damages, attorney fees and litigation costs. Tenn. Code Ann. § 39-13-603.

Recording or disseminating a communication carried out through a cellular or cordless telephone, or disseminating the contents with knowledge of their illegal origin, without the consent of at least one party, can be punished as a felony with a potential prison sentence of between one and six years and a fine not to exceed $3,000. Tenn. Code Ann. §§ 39-13-604, 40-35-111.

Taranto sums it up as only he can:

Let’s step back for a moment and consider what this says about the press’s attitude toward privacy. A few years ago, the New York Times revealed the existence of the Terrorist Surveillance Program, a theretofore-secret effort to prevent attacks by listening in on overseas terrorists’ phone conversations. In defense of the Times’s action, we heard a lot of pious proclamations about privacy: George Bush might want to snoop on your phone conversations or emails, and the press was merely being vigilant in protecting your privacy.

Yet the Sharon Cobb AP, in reporting on its own role in the current story, tells us that it refuses to cooperate with the Secret Service’s investigation of the privacy breach. Granted, the AP probably doesn’t have that much to contribute to the investigation. But the symbolism is telling, and surely deliberate. It suggests the press places a far lower premium on privacy than on its own privileges and its adversarial attitude toward government (or perhaps toward Republicans).

Especially telling in this regard is the AP’s reference to the emails as “leaked.” (The Boston Globe uses the verb leak in its headline for the AP report.) Usually this term refers to a government agency or other organization’s failure to keep a secret. A leaker is someone who is authorized to possess information but not to disclose it.

These emails were not leaked, they were stolen.

Lying hypocrite.  Everyone can thank me for cutting this problem off early on.  Attention whore.  Read the comments.

Oh! Oh! Pick me, Mr. Klanheider!
Oh! Oh! Pick me, Mr. Klanheider!

Kudos to the Arnold Horshack of Nashville’s Leftardium.

Terry Frank’s got the Facebook screenshots.  I particularly like his membership in the “The Fastest Way To A Girl’s Heart Is Through Her Gay Best Friend “.

Asshole shields up!  Sully man the rear!  A new Ass Ensign is on the poop deck.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that you mangina-loving, felonious snoop.

It Came From Mempiss Update: An investigation is underway.

But News Channel 3 has confirmed the Anchorage division of the FBI has contacted the Memphis division and an investigation is underway.


Kernell wouldn’t comment on whether or not there’s any truth to what the bloggers are saying, but says he has talked to his son about the rumors.

He said, “Now, son.  The most important thing is Honesty because I would never rob, rape, steal, run a red light or lie to a telemarketer*.  Nor are your actions a reflection on my bad parenting like Sarah Palin’s pregnant (whore) daughter who she hid the first (whore, out of wedlock) baby as her own.  The first thing we need to agree with our attorneys on is what the definition of Honesty is in this particular case.”

Jill Greenberg, Lunatic

You would be well advised to keep her away from your children. Probably not the best choice for your family photo shoot.

Also, if you’re a Presidential candidate who is politically anywhere to the right of Marx, you should probably steer clear of her as well.

Then again, if you’re dumb enough to go on the View, you must not have much of a staff working for you anyway.

And really, did you expect much more from the Atlantic? Home of the hysterical superfruit himself?

via the Trollhammer

Controlling the Narrative

Friday was a depressing day politically speaking. I had lunch with two friends/co-workers. One is a die-hard liberal and the other is a younger guy who still believes the that liberalism is the way you show you care.

When the discussion turned to Sarah Palin, what I heard was an uninterruped stream of talking points straight from NBC or the Obama camp, which is obviously hard to distinguish.

All the points, from her scary Fundamentalism through not knowing the Bush Doctrine down to the semi-legitimate point about her original support for the Bridge to Nowhere, were covered.

I was especially flabbergasted that the younger friend thought there might actually be something to Trig being Sarah’s granddaughter.

Although I’ve been quite pleased that thanks to the Internet, these assaults are often debunked right away, such as the claim that she slashed special needs programs or abused her per-diem by reimbursing for days spent at home, the troubling fact remains that the MSM still has quite a bit of sway in shaping opinion. I remember many infuriating moments watching the talking heads lay on the slant thick and leaving me with no recourse save throwing a shoe at the television.

In Bernard Goldberg’s debut book, Bias, he illustrates the point perfectly:

Chapter 5 is a good example of how the media exploits an issue and uses it for political persuasion of the public. During the Reagan and Bush years, there were constant stories depicting the plight of the homeless in America. Many of these stories used grossly exaggerated numbers, to make the public think that the problem was far worse than it really was. The reason, of course, was to make the public think that people became homeless as a result of the man in the White House.

Then, a miracle occurred: Bill Clinton was elected to the presidency and PRESTO! The number of documentaries dedicated to the homeless dropped off to near zero. Overnight, all these homeless people found a warm, cozy place to live and the problem of homelessness was solved, thanks to our good buddy and humanitarian, Bill Clinton

Those days are thankfully going down the memory hole, but the number of people getting the news from the Internet is still a sliver of the overall pie.

McCain’s choice in Palin was, in my opinion, a smart move to energize the base. As McCain played the middle with a good chance of picking up moderates who see Obama for the hard-leftist he is, the dispirited conservatives needed a reason to come out this November.

My friends were already pre-disposed to dislike McCain and Palin from the get go and I doubt that these accusations or evidence to the contrary will change anything. On the other hand, there a plenty of people like my wife who have found motivation to participate in the political process again.

What does that mean for the MSM? I don’t know except that maybe people are smarter than the newrooms think they are.


As the Buffet’s resident person-of-a-certain-ethnic-background-who-is-into-this-kind-of-thing, I proudly present Six Meat Buffet’s first CafePress product.


By popular demand*

* TWO people and counting!!


We now have a storefront for all your PalinMania needs!

All profits will be shared with the Buffet Crew*

profits will be determined at the back-end in a fashion simliar to the Hollywood model and will be disbursed on the first decade following any solar eclipses visible from Nashville.