Google Commemorates 9/11

It’s always heartwarming when Google acknowledges important historical dates with special logos for Earth Day or Sally Jesse Raphael’s birthday. Today is no different. Today, Google commemorates 9/11/2001 by showing their concern and respect for those who lost their lives in the attacks that day and the families and friends they left behind.

Oh well, I guess they’ve been busy recycling. Like they are every memorial day.


  1. Yeah, if only “9/11/01” could have happened on “Earth Day” or “Arbor Day”. Google might have found a way to work in a little hollah to the victims of the attacks.

    I hereby dedicate this day as “F*@# Islam Day”.

    Let the Fatwa be issued. Go f*&# yourself, Mo.

  2. One can probably find something bad that happened every single day of the year (some of them with many times the loss of life that occured on 9/11)

    Lets criticize them for not respecting all these other days…

  3. I do love some Rottweiler.

    Google needs to be taken down a few pegs though. Use and highlight their bullshit whenever you get a chance.

    What they are doing is evil. It’s evil every time I see Mountain View, California showing up in our sitemeter scanning our site for content.

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