The Week In Blogging

Well, really, there was none from me. Despite the debate (which B. Hussein Osama won if you work for NBC, MSNBC, Reuters or AP, or McCain won if you work for Drudge or Fox News), the economic meltdown and President Junior’s attempt to sell us down the river for 20 pieces of silver, and yet another pathetic performance on the gridiron from The Great Pumpkin’s Vols, I’ve been too busy to pay attention. Things should resume to normal half-assed blogging this week. It’s hard to stay in touch with current affairs when you’re living in Fantasyland™.

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  1. Preston,

    I just want you to know that I was not blogging this week FIRST, before you weren’t blogging this week.

    You can go over to my blog and not read about it.

    If you need confirmation, you can email my good friend…Senator Harry Reid at stupid****

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