Football Friday

No lack of focus on this offense!

Times are as bleak as can be up on old Rocky Top. We can’t decide on a quarterback. The Great Pumpkin is muttering incoherent things like “we’re a field goal or two away from 3-1”. Recruits are cancelling their plans to come to UT. This normally Vol-football-crazed town could care less about the season at this point. I’m even pulling for Northern Illinois this weekend just to get the pending coaching change going in earnest.

When Big Orange football is in the crapper, this town is dead. Businesses lose money. People don’t go out to dinner or to get sloshed. There will probably be between 60-70K people in Neyland this weekend. We don’t need a economic bailout, we need a football bailout.

Though I am torn about this weekend’s game, I’m afraid the Vols will find a way to win, 28-17. It will be a nice break before getting beaten down like a dog by Georgia next week. Enjoy one of this season’s rare victories this week, Vol fans, because this may be as good as it gets.


  • Vandy 26 Auburn 18Vandy has come out of nowhere to start pounding people. How the hell did this happen? They will sneak past Auburn this week, only because Auburn’s offense sucks.
  • Ole Miss 31 South Carolina 24Coming off their big win down in the swamp, the Rebels will have the swagger necessary to beat the ‘Cocks.
  • Alabama 42 Kensucky 14Alabama is the real deal. Kentucky will find this out first hand this weekend.
  • Florida State 28 Miami 24This used to be a marquee game back in the day, but now it’s just four quarters of ugly.

While things are crappy on Rocky Top, things are much better down in Titantown. They’ve been able to keep Vince Young off the field and from killing himself, and as a result, we’re 4-0. The defense looks absolutely awesome this year, which is giving Collins and Co. a chance to work out the kinks and it’s working well. After beating down the Vikes last week, they have a tough test against the Ravens this week. I’ve hated the Ravens since 2000. Always will. Titans 21 Ravens 17.


  • Steelers 21 Jaguars 20The Steelers’ offense has sputtered but I believe they will get it together enough Sunday night to pull one out.
  • Cowboys 31 Bungles 20Will the lover’s quarrel between Tony Romeo and Ocho-Uno be enough for viewers to tune in? Probably not.
  • San Francisco 33 Patriots 23Unless the Pats figure out a way to cheat their way to victory for the rest of the season, it’s going to be a steady string of losses for those over-rated clowns.
  • Broncos 27 Bucs 24Though they’ve been a pleasant surprise thus far, the Bucs will be gasping for air in the Denver altitude.

And one parting comment on the current state of the Big Orange…

It’s sad when even Smokey is ashamed to show his face.


  1. Crompton spoiled any goodwill that may have been coming his way since his mouth misfires as often as his arm. Especially when talking about how the fans’ opinions don’t matter – all that matters is that he believes in himself.

    That is some Stuart Smalley talk if I’ve ever heard any. Think he’s caring what the fans are saying yet?

    I’m with you on college except for the Vols. I think they can lose to anyone on any given Saturday at this point. And maybe at some point, Chavez can run some tackling drills.

    Pro is muddy. The Tits were lucky to get the Jags early because I think they will take the Steelers this weekend.

    No Travis Henry mention?

    From carrying the pigskin to carrying $100,000 worth of cocaine, Travis is a man who knows about possession. Now he’ll be playing for Eddie Albert while his 85 kids don’t visit him at the Crowbar Hotel.

  2. Hehehe… hehehe… hehehe… You said “Beat the Cocks”.

    Settle down, Beavis…

    My Bruins will get their 2nd win of the season tomorrow against Wazzu. Wow. Who would have thunk our only wins of the season might come against Washington State…and Tennessee?

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