1. It’s like Noah seeing the dove return or the swallows returning to San Juan Capistrano.

    The reappearance of the Great Blue Ape is indeed the bringer of great things.

  2. Credit Ape may need to become a recurring character to help us out when we’re in dire straits.

    Greenspan? Bernanke? That other guy – the one who gets on his knees and begs…uh…Barney Frank. Hell no.

    We’ve got mortgage fev-eh and the only prescription is my 100% recommended daily allowance of Credit Ape.

  3. “Are they going to get rid of that bull statue on Wall Street and replace it with Credit Ape?”

    That has to be the best idea I’ve ever read.

  4. Credit Ape should be part of the discussion panel on any MSNBC money shows alongside of Jim Cramer.

    I’m not sure who would have more credibility in that discussion. I’m tentatively siding with Credit Ape only because he didn’t encourage everybody to sell all of their stock when it hit bottom.

    Credit Ape keeps his more base instincts under control the majority of the time. Although I’m loathe to point out that you cannot have a “Credit Master” without someone being the Credit Slave.

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