Congratulations President Obama

Voting corpses notwithstanding, you won by a big enough margin to have been elected fairly. The office of the Presidency is to be respected regardless of who holds it.

We are deeply disappointed and somewhat apprehensive about the kind of administration you will bring and laws your legislature will pass. It is my hope that your campaign promises made from the center will guide you rather than your mentors and past record representing the South side of Chicago.

On the bright side, at last France, Spain and Belgium will admire us once again. As they gaze at us through the smoke of their burning cars set alight by masses of unemployed youths, they will see that we are embracing a better path – theirs. Regardless of their approval, we do know that Americans are a decent people and have elected a man of African descent less than 150 years after slavery was abolished.

I will work diligently to see conservatives regain power, but for the next four years, it’s your show, President Obama.


  1. The country got what it wanted, Change we have not been told what that change is yet. They voted without knowing what they voted for. A uneducated population voting blindly leading us down a steep path on a bus with no brakes, over the edge of the abyss of American Politics.


  2. The mourning is over? My hangover isn’t even over yet. My spleen was getting ready to add on a range hood to catch all of the exhaust that wasn’t being funneled into the keyboard.

    It’s like the old saying goes, “You show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser.”

  3. President Obama will have to deal with a Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, that is a pro-life, pro-gun Mormon, and with a Speaker that got where she is at by kicking Bush around. It will be only a short time before Democrats do what they do best – turn on themselves. They have done it to the last three Democrat Presidents.

    Danny L. McDaniel
    Lafayette, Indiana

  4. Respect for a Marxist? Hell I wouldn’t trust the morons in California to watch a white hot stove so I’m supposed to respect someone who’ll destroy the economy and make Chavez look like a running dog of Wall Street.

    ObamaHitler is good enough for me.

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