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Socialist-utopian restaurant can’t survive in the real world. First bad decision? Letting the customers set their own prices.

For nearly a year, Salt Lake City’s One World Cafe – founded on the altruistic goal of letting customers set their own meal price – has been on a crash course with business reality.

In mid-October, employee paychecks bounced and the longtime manager was fired. Bo Dean’s dismissal angered the rest of the staff enough that they walked out in protest.

I’m surprised that the employees are even expecting pay. In a just world, there would be no such thing as paychecks and prices and purchases.

Inexperience seems to be the main problem for the nonprofit cafe at 41 S. 300 East.

A recent review of the business showed the restaurant was overstaffed and management of employee time was poor. It never even had an employee time clock. The restaurant also had failed to keep concise records of food costs and fixed costs. All told, mismanagement cost the restaurant $8,000 to $10,000 a month, Cerreta said.

Managing employees is so, like, establishment, maaan.

Following tradition wasn’t what Cerreta wanted when she founded The One World “Everybody Eats” Cafe five years ago.

She envisioned a restaurant with no menus or set prices. Cerreta, and later her chefs, would make entrees, soups, salads and desserts from organic meats and locally grown produce. Diners filled their plates with only the food they wanted and paid what they thought the meal was worth or what they could afford.

What could possibly go wrong with that plan?

As always with liberals, it’s not the actual outcome of their policies and schemes that matter – it’s all about their intentions. Just as President Hussein’s 100% tax rates will be borne of “helping the downtrodden,” it won’t matter that the country collapses. It’s all about their altruistic intentions. Remember, they hold moral and social authority over you, because they are good and you are bad. If you keep this in mind for the next four years, you’ll be ok.


  1. Individual freedom practiced by the owners and employees of “the set your ouwn price eatry.” The Chicago School would be proud of this free-market establishment. I just hope they don’t impose a smoking ban. Capitalism at its’ finest!

  2. “Karl Marx is to economists what Khalil Gibran is to philosophers. In the real world there is no Marxist program, but inside the human brain he tickles the mood centers.”
    – Alexis A. Gilliland, ‘Long Shot for Rosinante’ –

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