Frivolous Friday

So our country is going to hell in a handbasket. It was just a matter of time anyway. Put all that mess aside and enjoy some Chic…


Unrelated music news, the last of the Jimi Hendrix Experience has gone to join his bandmates. RIP Mitch Mitchell.

Mitch Mitchell, the British drummer in the seminal 1960s band the Jimi Hendrix Experience, has been found dead in his US hotel room.

His frenetic drumming was the bedrock of Hendrix’s music. Mitchell treated the drums more like a lead instrument than the rhythm section.

The late 61-year-old provided a brilliant counterpoint for Hendrix’s unique guitar sound.

Just five days before his death he had been playing a series of dates with the Experience Jimi Hendrix tour in the US, reaching a new generation of fans.

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