Rooftop Credit Ape Goes To The G20 Meetings

As U.S. Federal Government officials have demonstrated over the past several months, they have absolutely no clue what they’re doing when it comes to economics. So President Junior took a seat on the big white phone, pulled out the big red phone and called his buddies around the world and had them over for dinner. I believe this is called a “summit” or some such.

The most important call he made, however, was to the hero who unfroze the Knoxville credit markets, Rooftop Credit Ape. The leadership of Rooftop Credit Ape was said to have “set the tone” at the G20 meetings.


Rooftop Credit Ape shares one of his
secret strategies for economic success.




Rooftop Credit Ape sparred with French Prime
Minister Nicolas Sarkozy. Sarkozy called Rooftop Credit
Ape, “knowledgeable, inflatable.”




Here, Rooftop Credit Ape tries to explain
to world leaders that socialism has failed
time-and-again, and that free markets are the
answer to the current global economic crisis.




In non-Credit-Ape related news, Russian President
Dmitry Medvedev was horrified by the appearance
of former Secretary of State Helen Thomas
Madeleine Halfbright


  1. What is even scarier…..

    Halfbright is part of Obama’s NEW change administration as part of his promise to kick out the old guard and implement change.

  2. Credit ape! AAAAHAHAHAHAHA. I would much rather have credit ape making my decisions than the liberal, Daley illuminati who are now taking over D.C.
    Credit ape is change we can go ape over!

  3. Driving through the Inland Empire a couple of weeks back, I saw Credit Ape’s cousin. He was yellow but still poised atop a car dealership.

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