Just A Few Thoughts On The Fake State Of The Union

The Jindal Response Update: Anyone who looks at Jindal’s response as a shot across the bow for his 2012 Presidential bid needs to get their head out of the sand.  Yea, you only like him so you can play the race card back at Democrats.  Admit it.

(walk on stage like there’s a stick up his ass but that he doesn’t mind it so much)

Opening line:  “What an amazing thing we watched!  A black guy.  Goshdarnit, that’s terrific!  Let’s all give ourselves a hand  *smattering of disjointed applause*

I am also like Barack Obama!

(insert standard boilerplate Republican pap about Washington not being the answer and trusting people to think for themselves)

“Republican voters, we took you for granted.  You voted for us and we turned you out like two dollars whores with no kiss.  But we will make it up to you.  Just give us another chance.  We’ve changed I tells ya!  We’ve changed!  We’ve got to stand for something again.”

Actions speak louder, bub.  The only thing Republicans stood for tonight were Standing Ovations for even greater increases in the federal government stealing freedom out of the wallets of its people again.

McMurphy Rating: Two Thumbs Down

The Fake SotU:

A.  I would say that Urkel is smoking crack were he not so clear in his preference for powdered cocaine.

B.  All the Republicans who are giving standing ovations for Socialism ought to be taken out back in kicked in the fucking head until their perceptions are properly aligned or until dead.  Whichever comes first and I don’t care which.

Any upstanding conservative would have boycotted this speech but no.  Mitch “The Bitch” McConnell’s superfluous chins are right down there clapping along (and offbeat I might add).

We need more money for education!  We need bonuses for performing teachers!

*ahem*  Are these the same teachers who have produced our stupid kids to begin in the Democrat run schools of major metropolitan areas?  Bonuses for failure teachers.  Bonuses for bad banks.  Bonuses for deadbeats.

And tax increases for small business owners who make more than $250,000 a year.   America – you voted for the Great Depression and you are about to get it.  Your carbon footprint will soon be replaced by your regular footprint as it stands in a breadline at the soup kitchen.

Oh, and I’m just dealing with the problem you people who keep standing up and clapping for me on the left side of the aisle created.  Yea, that shut you up didn’t it?

Really, this is the most boilerplate liberal pap.  The only thing worse than listening to it will be reading the inky ejaculations of tomorrow’s headlines.


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