The Confederate State of the Black Union 2009


Well, it’s that time of year again.  The time when Tavis Smiley shaves his goatee, takes a few painkillers and launches into a 40 minute soliloquy about how great he is for organizing his separatist house party against Amerikkka (being broadcast live on C-Span).  Tavist, though an ardent Hillary supporter, is now blowing the whistle on the Obama choo-choo.

On his undistinguished panel there are college activists, Al Sharpton, Cornell West, noted cannibal Randall Robinson, Julianne “I Hope Clarence Thomas Dies” Malveaux and a cast of thousands  of other “We changed our Christian names to Islamic ones” sitting in white leather barcaloungers with Barack Obama’s face embroidered to the back of the chair. Last and most certainly least – Michael Steele.

Seriously, having Steele on the  panel is like someone cloning Deb Frisch and holding a Protein Wisdom convention where they only invited her to attend.

Currently, Michael Steele is bragging about how blacks do not believe in a “monolithic” fashion in this country (though you couldn’t tell by this event) and also claiming that the NY Post cartoon was an “abomination”.  RNC – this is your new head.

I’ll update as offensive commentary comes up much like I did last year.  Honestly, this is a full-time job and some people should have foregone CPAC to attend this.

That didn’t take long for Julianne Malveaux to lecture Steele about how he needs to gethis boys in order.  Last I recall, calling someone a “boy” was racist.  Also that he needs to tell his “boys” to vote for the stimulus so that Obama can underwrite interest free educations for Historically Black College students.  Tavis dutifully doesn’t let Steele respond and moves on to the next question after he’s assailed by this former pseudo-journalist.

Al Sharpton claims that white people have had to ask a black man to bail them out of all the trouble they’ve caused. To cheering applause I might add.  Oh, and we are “on the deck of the Titanic and we are going down!”  No disagreement on that last point.

Sharpton then targets Steele by praising him for supporting his boycott of the NY Post’s racist monkey stimulus cartoon but that he must now pledge himself to allowing Obama to shut down Fox News.

I am not making this stuff up, you really should be watching it on C-Span (5:35 EST) as it’s now archived.  It’s far more interesting than your CPAC “we’ve got to expand our base” BS.

30 Minutes in and the panel is still slaving away over a white, hot stove brimming with Bush-Hate.

Tavis implores the universally black audience that they are going to have to love Obama even though he is going to do things to piss them off.  Like when he didn’t say that he supported Roland Burris taking his Senate seat.  You don’t need to understand why – you just need to support him anyway.

As this is very early in the conference, let me make a prediction that happens every year at this event but cannot be underscored enough in judging the character of a man.  At some point, someone is going to say something so completely beyond the pale, racist and un-American that Steele should get up out of his seat and walk out.  Lady and gentlemen, let me be the first to wager that Steele getting offended enough to walk out of this event will never happen.  He will sit there and clap and applaud right along with them with nary a word of criticism.

Tavist unironically asks Cornell West about Eric Holders’ comments about America being cowards when it comes to talking about race from the podium of a race-based conference that has no one of any other race in attendance on their panel.

Look up “irony” Tavist.  It’s not that cleaning service run by the Koreans down the street.

Immune from Dentistry, Cornell West responds that though “We live in the Age of Obama and it is magnificent” that we must talk about “The Age of Reagan” where Reagan used white supremacist codewords to keep blacks in check.  Ah, the smell of post-racial Obama’s America, you can’t get it off your clothes.  Maybe I should take my clothes to “Irony” that Korean cleaning service down the street from Tavist.

West continues, putting his hand on Steele’s chair, that Steele must get his party away from what he calls “the Southern Strategy” of appealing to racists like “Brother McCain and Sister Palin” did.  They go around with these old ideas like Blanche in Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire (I’m paraphrasing here) and that they are going to end up like Cheney in a wheelchair.

Steele nods his head and looks on pensively.

Next up, Randall The Cannibal.  Hold onto your bibs and ribs.

Randall wastes a little time but then he strikes gold – America should surrender their sovereignty to the ICC in the Hague and that George Bush, Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell should be brought to justice in front of a tribunal for kidnapping Jean Bertrand Aristide in Haiti.  Robinson defending a tire-necklacing murderer like Aristide is no surprise. Nevermind that if Aristide wasn’t flown out of the country that he would have been killed (and I wish he would have).  Robinson then claims to have flown in to rescue Aristide from Bush and flew him to Jamaica.  It’s Mission Unpossible, mon!

A surprising amount of Cinton hate from Randall.  He claims Clinton won black people over with “a saxophone and knowledge of gospel songs”.  Here I thought it was because of the drug abuse and adultery.  You learn something new every day.

Quote of the Day from Robinson, “I heard Beyonce say something the other day…..”

Does it matter what she said?  I think anyone prefacing a statement with that has shown their global acumen.

“I saw a man walking in the airport the other day and he was just talking to himself saying ‘Barack, Barack’ and it is transformative”.  And likely schizophrenic.

Oswald Bates – never forget.  His spirit embodies this entire conference.

One Jawanza Kunjufu curiously demands that more white girls be sent to special-ed with the black boys. Huh?

Van Jones hawks his own cause – getting “green” government grant dollars for a minority owned business.  He explores an imaginary past where white colonizers sought to put a price tag on Mother Earth but that his great-great-great-grandmother told him about “mumba” and that you can’t put a price tag on Nature.  But that the white colonizer showed her and then put a price tag on her as well.  Now, whitey has to go back and beg great-great-grandmama to help save the planet that he messed up because he didn’t realize that grandma sitting in a mudhut was actually speaking in such reverent ecological mindsets that blah, blah, blah….gimme, gimme, gimme.  Something tells me Mr. Jones can put a price tag on how much the government should pay him to plant a tree in the projects.

Some other crazy lady argues that we need to give different tests to school children based on their race.  She receives plenty of applause as well.

Watch it yourselves.  I’m out.  As usual, the Durban conference has a lot in common with Tavist Smiley’s Pimp My New Book convention that he holds every year under the inclusive title “The State of the Black Union”.

It’s nothing short of a klan rally in bad suits and rambling speeches against whitey with the most notable grievance-mongering victims millionaires in the country.  The difference is that a white person attending a conference with as many racially offensive remarks made by it’s presumably respected panel would be pilloried and radioactive to hire.

There are two Americas.  The one that has advanced and the one that bitterly clings to racist stereotypes of the past.  The State of the Black Union is the latter.

Steele throws some red meat to the audience about how Obama has changed the political dynamic in this country and that so has he. That after being nominated to chair the RNC a bunch of people in the party wouldn’t let him in their neighborhoods but that he was coming anyway.

If someone could scare me up some news stories about whitey trying to use racial scare tactics to undercut Steele on the way to chair the RNC I would appreciate it.


  1. Brian,

    Your play-by-play of this Minstrel Show of Mental Midgets is beyond the pale (pail?) of my white, heebie ass. Once again, you have outdone yourself. This will be reported and re-hashed to my entire e-mail address list.

  2. It will replay again and you can view it online. As a number of hits from the Los Angeles area are no doubt visitors who were likely in attendance at this pogrom.

    As much as I tried to catch, there are still many other points that I missed. For example, Tavisted’s “Covenant With America”. It’s not a “Contract With America”, you see? It’s a Covenant. That’s different.

    Urkel Christ also made a special guest appearance to address Tavisist’s version of “Family Matters”. Regretfully, he informed us that “black folk” as Tavist is want to call them have it worse now more than ever.

    The travesty of Tavis TV is that Michael Steele goes to these events and he never stands up to anyone. Or worse, plays into it. As my fear goes, Steele is not that big of a conservative to begin and his head nodding at events like this only validates people’s perceptions that he’s fighting Republican racists against all odds.

  3. Please don’t tell me any more about Steele, I have my eyes closed and ears covered in hopes of remaining ignorant.

    I’ve been out all night but will savor this in all its gooey richness in the morning. When I’m coherent.

  4. “Seriously, having Steele on the panel is like someone cloning Deb Frisch and holding a Protein Wisdom convention where they only invited her to attend”.

    That’s Gold Brian,,, Gold!

  5. I’m not surprised. This is how these people make their living, being race pimps and grievance mongers. You have the first black man elected President of the United States, and we have the first black man as the head of the RNC, and yet we’re still stuck in the 1960s in these people’s minds.

  6. I’ve never heard of “The Black State of the Union” until I came across it by mistake on C-Span. In my opinion, “The White State of the Union” should be frightened by the opinions expressed at this forum. I thought only white people were racists! I was left with the feeling that black people truly hate white people. Groups that dedicate themselves to concerns of only race, by their very nature, create nothing but racism. I seriously doubt that Barack Obama would agree with many of the opinions expressed here. And, if he does, God help us all!

  7. As a minority I am ashamed of what these so called “OPPRESSED” people are spewing. It will never end because the Travis of this country are making money from “oppressed black folks” if the people are not told it is the white mans fault they can profit off of them. We are all given opportunities to prosper in this great nation but no one can come do the hard work for you! I am disappointed with Mr. Steele. Rush’s speech at CPAC inspired me yesterday but I am tired of people thinking that I am a minority so I must be a Democrat – then they when they realize I am a conservative – I am a radical and a sell out – Imagine that I do think the white people are evil! My (legal) immigrant mother taught me as a child you can have the American dream – you just have to work hard for it and that included not getting a handout from the government. These race mongers are PATHETIC!To think these people started their convention with prayer- shame on you!

  8. BHO did make an appearance by videotaped message. Safe to say, he agrees with all of them when he’s around them and he will claim that he never heard any of the bad things they say unless it “becomes a distraction”. Then, under the bus you go.

  9. Until you are a black person you will never know the struggles these older black men and women went through. I am so offended by some of these comments. I would like to reminder EVERYONE that the mindset and behaviors of the older and younger generation are a direct reflection of “Jim Crow” and other outrageous and ignorant laws and rule “being hosed and attacked by dogs-even kids” and “riding in the back of the bus” and “not eating or drinking w/ white people” oh dont forget being treated like SHIT ……… oh and getting killed or jail time for looking at a white women. This really pisses me off, just thinking about it. I will not bore you the slavery thing.

    Just because this is not the current state of black america, we have not forgot, and some of us may never forgive. We are told by are elders to forgive but never forget, so history will never repeat itself. Which is why we meet every year.

  10. Nicki, I’m afraid that I’m never going to be a black person so how are we going to get to a resolution on this one?

    I want you to tell me which comments that you’re offended by and we can cover them. Nobody here is “calling on the dogs” and the only riding on buses around here are the people that Obama throws under the bus when they prove inconvenient to his cause.

    I may have heard about that slavery thing but if you’ve got some new information I’d love to hear it. The world has historically been shitty in the past. It’s been shitty for a lot of people a lot of the time. Not just the U.S. – the whole world. It’s been getting better though.

    History does repeat itself every year though. Every year, Tavis invites Cornell West or Dick Gregory or some other nutballs to talk crazy to people under the guise of empowering “black foke” as Tavis often says.

    Tell me what you did not like about my summary. What did I say up there that did not happen.

  11. I would like to make a correction to your inaccurate assessment of Randall Robison comments to Travis question about President Obama. I am distrubed that you found the need to cherry pick what appears to be to your liking and destorying the contextual and outstanding overview of Political model in operation that is designed keep people misinformed so that a few can dominate by deception, my words. Therefore to keep this real and truthful here is what Mr. Randall Robison said in response to Travis question, “What was your thought about how he (President Obama) would be receive? What are your thought about what it says about the nation….. what do you think?

    Randall Robinson:
    Well I will say what it may say and a bit about what does not say. It may say the country voted to elect Obama had self interest in mind. he’s brilliant. You don’t become president of the Harvard law review unless you are brilliant, you have to make straight A plus against the toughest completion in the world to make Harvard law review, and then to become its president Lani can tell you more about that, that is an extraordinary achievement. He is brilliant and he is also a way out for the country and he also had the assistance of his predecessor. (Laughter)

    So, but… This is not an address to the problems I think we are here to talk about. I think we need to contextualize a lot of what we have been saying here, because we talked about how we should dance with him (President Obama), I think it may be more important to understand that question, to talk about how we been dancing, and how we have not been dancing. Louis Brandeis, Supreme Court justice once said, “The most important office in a democracy is the office of citizens.” In a democracy the citizenry must be enlightened. We don’t have a great deal of experience in America, black and white, with informed critical oversight. We as a population, measured against most areas of the world in a way that will shock Americans, are globally illiterates. We don’t know very much, and it is not our fault because you can’t know what you can’t know. And so, it would surprise many Americans who have this self image about our selves to learn that we have become the major obstruction to the human right movement in the world. You look at the treaties that have been embraced by the United Nation community, the treaties to defend the rights of women has been ratified and accepted by 185 counties; the U.S. is against it, in a very tiny group; the treaties to defend the right of children ratified by an enormous number of nations the overwhelming majority, the U.S. is against it; the establishment of the International Criminal Court to bring to justice people who have committed horrific human right abuses overwhelmingly adopted at Rome with Africa, Asia, Europe, everybody on board, all of American’s allies, the Clinton Administration weaken it, the Bush administration would not ratify it, because there was fear that before the bar of this court will be brought at one time or another Americas who committed horrific human right crimes, and so we want the world to live by one yard stick while we live by another. The disadvantage of watching American News is that you get controlled News and when you watch News in other countries you get an entirely different view on to what we are and are not doing.

    It took us 40 years to accept the convention against genocide. The Clinton administration, President Clinton himself and Secretary of State Magdalene Albright blocked UN intervention in Rwanda. It cost ten of thousands of lives, but we love Clinton, so when we talking about critical oversight, we have to look at what we have to practice now and we must practice it constructively but we have to look at what we didn’t practice then. President Clinton when to the WTO and striped the Caribbean countries of their export markets in Europe, meaning countries like St. Lucia with 85% of their export earning coming from the sale of bananas had their economy crushed. Farmers in St.Vincent were committing suicide because of the policies of the Clinton administration. The Bush Administration, President Bush with the assistance of Condoleezza Rice and Colin Power went into Haiti, sent 30 U.S. Special Forces in to kidnap the President of Haiti and his wife who is an American citizen, a product of the University of Pennsylvania Law School, born in the Bronx, the administration probably in this case committed a felony, took them to the Central African republic that was then a police state a dictatorship…Maxine Water and I had to chartered a plan to go an recue the president and take him to Jamaica and he is now in South Africa.

    Here is the point; you can’t know what you have not had a chance to know, we owe Haiti. We would not be here today had Toussaint Louverture done what no one had done before or done since, they defeat Napoleon Bonaparte they lost 150,000 lies to purchased their freedom, and they ignited the emancipation movement in all of North and south American. Lincoln did do this, it was begun and triggered by Toussaint Louverture and Haiti has been punished for it since 1804. But you see we don’t know and we allow President Clinton to buy our favor with a saxophone and a knowledge of gospel songs.

    You cannot practice crucial vigilance without information, without knowing, otherwise we are simply cheerleaders who respond to fashionable speeches. We have to know who is for us and who have been against us. Our behavior in the united nation on these human right treaties is a disgrace. And it would shock most Americans to look at the record, out of 20 plus major human right conventions that has been past since Eleanor Roosevelt pioneered the universal declaration of human right, of the 20 plus conventions the United States is a party only to six, against the overwhelming opinion of the global community, and so if the most important office in a democracy is the office of citizens, then it’s a responsibility we all have. But we can’t practice this office until we get ourselves informed. (Travis, trying to interrupt….) Let me finish. I heard Beyoance say something the other night in response to… (Travis: Randal Robison is about to quote Beyoance??…)

    I am quoting Beyoance, you know what she said when she performance at the inauguration Ball, she said, and I think we must not over look the significance of this election for this reason, we are going to disagree with him but make sure we do it in context, because what ever he is going to be he is going to be much better than what we have seen, but she said, that when sees President Obama it makes her want to be smart. We shall never forget and ten millions of minds globally, when that inauguration occurred I saw in St’ Kiss I saw a man walking through the airport in coverall, saying Barack, Barack, this is transformative and its happening simultaneously of people who see a new model.

    Travis, there are two quiet question, you said at least five or six time by my account Barack Obama is brilliant. You know the politics of how our government work better than any body… you gave a wonderful dissertation, we can’t know what we don’t know.. so how do we get to know what they don’t want us to know to be informed citizen so we fulfill the Brandeis formulation, Number one and Number two and what is about Obama beyond his brilliance that make you think there is going to be change in U. S. Policy under him toward Africana and Caribbean counties that you dedicated your life too.

    Well I read his books, I don’t suppose they were fictions, I think that there was something there, in any case we gave Bill Clinton eight years and hadn’t noticed what he had done to us, Barrack Obama has had scarcely 40 days. I think we ought to give him a grace period… don’t you think?

    Number one, that does not mean we shouldn’t practice this vigilance. On your first question, I quoted Beyoance because I think that is very importance for all us to have that same emotion. I played basketball in college, I ran up and down a court in short pants, I thought it was important…..laughter…. we will change the world between our ears, in here and it means we have to practice ourselves and teach our children the importance of rigorous scholarship and learning and having an insatiable appetite for knowing all there is to be known, because if we don’t have that, there is nowhere we can go we can be so easily manipulated led here and led there and so I think it’s very durable thing. We’ve got to turn around this business of hero identification and what values we going to celebrate and what values we are going to decry.

    We got to be critical…I don’t know how to do this Travis, but you know News makers and editors both in television and in print media have extraordinary power, what they will do and what they won’t not do. Nobody covered the kidnapping of Aristide I wrote a book about it: An Unbroken agony. Do you think that the president of similar size country Australia or Belgium was kidnapped by the Untied State and dragooned off half way around the world that the Press would not cover it. (My insert: that was the point) It was shameful; it was awful, there was no question that whatever you thought about Aristide —many was for him and many weren’t, but 90% of his people by polls demonstrated that he was the person they elected and he was the person they wanted. Democracy is not measured by whether when somebody is elected you do what I want you to do… democracy mean, I didn’t support anybody in South Africa election, I fought for the opportunity to have one, if they elected an Africana it would have been fine with me, I don’t vote in South Africa. They will make the right decision, that’s the excise of their decision. We can’t go around overthrowing democracies we don’t like because we disagree.

    A profound response!!! Now reread what you wrote? Did you not engage in political propoganda to advance your interest and your opinions???

  12. No, Jen. There is nothing inaccurate about what I stated. Per your own quote, I said it exactly as Robinson said it. All of the comments – from claiming Bush, Rice and Powell kidnapped Aristide, “I heard something Beyonce said the other day…”, we should submit to the ICC, “I saw a man walking through an airport saying “Barack, Barack” and it was transformative, plus several more!

    Maybe it’s you who doesn’t understand what blogs are. I wrote this post in real-time alongside this event as it happened. This post is not, was not and will not ever be implied or meant to be a formal transcript of the State of the Black Confederacy from “Hi, how are ya’ll doing?” to “Thanks for coming everybody and drive home safely!”

    I provided direct money quotes with some of my opinions throw in. I’ve linked directly to the piece so people can watch it themselves.

    You’re claiming that I’m engaging in propaganda? Randall “Black people are eating each other at the Superdome” Robinson’s 3,000 word, ten minute ramble about the Brilliance of Urkel Christ, Hate America agitprop, reflections on Beyonce and Aristide-loving is nothing but propaganda.

    Did you not engage in political propoganda to advance your interest and your opinions???

    Hell yes I’m cherry-picking quotes. This conference is a fucking cherry tree orchard.

    What about this entire Segregationist experience of Tavis’ is not one big piece of political propaganda to promote Obama and a racist agenda.

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