This Is Not The Cocaine Sniffing Vice Presidential Daughter You Are Looking For

Is the Pajamas Media mindtrick working yet?  Recite until it’s not an issue anymore.

Radaronline has gotten to take a look at Biden’s coke princess daughter and is shocked – shocked – to learn that the bitch she got set up.*

So what?  Did somebody force her to put a straw up her nose?

It was a setup.

The video purporting to show Vice President Joe Biden‘s daughter Ashley snorting cocaine was preplanned by a man trying to get rich selling the tape, has learned exclusively.

The man, who is apparently a friend of Ashley’s, even bought the cocaine and the hidden camera, our investigation has uncovered.

“Your investigation”?  That entails what, exactly?  The guy selling the tape shoving it into your reluctant faces?

Let me say this.  You don’t need real cocaine to put out a fake video.  You don’t need a hidden camera if you’re using an actress.   You don’t hire a law firm in advance of selling the tape if it’s fake.  If it was fake both Biden and his daughter would be out loud and proud in front of the cameras proclaiming their innocence. viewed the tape but did not offer to purchase it. The man who made the tape shopped it to several media outlets but did not receive any written offers, we’ve learned.

Now, has discovered that the woman who is alleged to be Ashley Biden was set up in an elaborate plot by her “friend.” The man bought cocaine and a hidden camera and brought the cocaine to a party.

He then made sure that he was in correct position to film her when she snorted the drugs.

Click here to read report that the lawyer representing the drug tape seller quit.

The seller had planned to get the woman alleged to be Ashley on tape doing drugs for at least three weeks. The tape was shot this year.

It is clear from the tape that the woman said to be Ashley Biden does not know she is being filmed.

There is nothing illegal about videotaping someone without their permission unless they have an expectation of privacy. For example, some place like the inside of your home by yourself or in a bathroom.  We’re videotaped every day without our permission.  At a traffic light.  At a store by surveillance.

Having someone else in the room with you diminishes any expectation of privacy you might have in the event you decide to start wiping your ass or hoovering up a mirrorful of sweet Colombian Marching Powder in plain view.

Let’s all tilt our heads to the left and wipe that tear out of our eyes.  It’s all gonna be ok, pumpkin.  We’ll announce in the press conference that you’re already seeking treatment at a swanky rehab centre and that this is “a private family” matter and that they hope the press will let this story die so this poor, little rich girl can get the help she so desperately couldn’t have cared less about before this video surfaced.

The press will dutifully oblige and send flowers.  Meanwhile, Andrew Sullivan’s stakeout of Bristol Palin’s vagina will resume it’s regularly scheduled broadcast.

Eww.  This whole topic is just so unpleasant.  Let’s talk about something else!

How about how Obama’s ruining the country?

Oh, wait.  We’re not allowed to talk about that anymore either.

Tell me fellas, when did ya’ll switch out the pajamas for a straitjacket and a mouth gag?

Here’s over 30 stories the New York Times ran on the Bush Twins illegally buying their own completely legal alcohol when they were underage.

Current Biden daughter cocaine stories?  Zero.  A commenter in one NYT blog post about the British press mentions it.

USA Today from the Wayback Machine:

Bush twins in spotlight

Most college kids get away with it. But when you’re famous and shadowed by a stone-faced guardian with a squiggly radio cord coming out his ear, delivering the fake ID with nonchalance is a challenge.

So President Bush’s twin daughters got caught. Last week, Jenna and Barbara Bush landed in the nation’s newspapers and all over TV, one charged with possessing alcohol, the other with using someone else’s ID.

The Bush White House responded to the widespread coverage by taking snide shots at journalists in a news conference and getting testy in private discussions. What they want is simple: The same hands-off coverage that Chelsea Clinton received as a child of the first family. Whether they recognize it or not, that’s exactly what they are getting. Most responsible media avoid writing about presidential children — unless their actions force them into the limelight.

It’s not just a family story either. As governor, Bush signed the law that stiffens the penalty for second and third alcohol offenses in Texas. A majority in the U.S. House and Senate voted to withhold federal dollars from states that didn’t stiffen enforcement of under-age drinking laws.

Coverage of alcohol and the legal system is not pointless. Both impact millions every year. With Bush’s daughters entangled in the two, expecting media silence is fantasy.

Forbid!  Alcohol and the legal system.  It impacts millions.  To expect media silence is fantasy.

Where’s USA Today, today?  You guessed it:


Welcome to Fantasyland.

Seriously.  I do not even care if she did it.  I want everything decriminalized.   What matters is the selective media blackout when we have clear-cut examples of a double standard.  That and that Joe Biden has gleefully tossed millions in jail and ruined their lives for doing less than his daughter is alleged to have done.