Your Federal Government At Work

There’s a reason we refer to the TSA as “Thousands Standing Around”. They are worthless. This is the end result of another one of Bush’s mistakes (turning airport screeners into Federal employees) and here is a prime example of the power trips these little Napoleons engage in regularly. Most of us have experienced this on some level or another.

It didn’t help that this guy is a Ron Paul supporter and, therefore, according to Missouri state officials, a potential terrorist. He might have even had subversive literature on him – you know, the Constitution, the Bible, the Federalist Papers – OH CALAMITY!

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  1. Just wait, these TSA guys are the tip of the iceberg, they represent the new version or breed of federal employee. Morons like this will be running amok in programs all over the map from airports to healthcare to banks, and of course car companies and union halls. All of Der Leaders newly acquired enterprises will be manned by throngs of federal lackeys just like these ass-hats.

    What could possibly go wrong?

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