I See A Firm Handshake In North Korea’s Future

Death to the Current TV – 2!  It’s the least we can expect as it’s all Bush’s fault.  What?  Six months after he’s gone and these Current Commie dopes take off to provide aid and comfort to Kim Jong.

Lo and behold, he be the Ill-est.  Almost as bad as Bush!  So sez the Huffinglues:

Before getting back to the formula, here are a few of the issues we’re all afraid to talk about too much because there are no clear solutions to them and they involve far larger geopolitical gamesmanship and the like that not may help Ms. Saberi, Lee, and Ling’s respective plights. Iran and North Korea are both former members of the infamous “axis of evil,” a brand that has not exactly left a pleasant legacy for either of them as they attempt to force the new Obama administration to deal with them in his newly declared era of reconciliation. […] Then there are the human rights issues of which both Iran and North Korea have very blemished track records (not that our own is so hot right now).

Because Iran and North Korea were perfect little angels prior to January 2000, right?  The US human rights record is in league with North Korea’s and Iran’s because enemy combatants were treated to the CIA’s Extreme Yoga class and evidenced by our black site prisons where we’ve been abducting foreign journalists for years.  That mean old Bush forced them to take the Al Gore Current’s useful idiots hostage because they are children trying to get mommy’s attention:

To answer the immediate critics, yes it does involve the US extending itself beyond just finding middle ground. It does mean making concessions and inevitably planting karmic seeds that run the risk of producing even more problems down the line. But that’s the role and risk a parent sometimes has to play with a child that acts out in an effort to get attention. It’s not stooping to their level. It’s just bending down to look them in the eye and let them know you’re taking them seriously.

Who is taking who seriously, exactly?  Last month, despite all the braying and false bravado, North Korea fired off a missile towards Hawaii to underscore who they don’t take seriously.  That being one Barack Hussein Obama.

They have to stoop to his level because he’s the child with ADHD and their “karmic seeds” are being planted in his ass with both boot heels.

In short, the Huffinglue writer who claims to be one of the formative minds behind Current TV makes no mention of how the plight of two of their “journalists” is being erased from the Current TV website.  And why wouldn’t they?  This bit of international nastiness is a great distraction from our Dear Leader’s Glorious Revolution.   We haven’t even the time to enact our Righteous Retribution on Bush’ s War Criminals for daring to offer legal opinions on interrogating Khalid Sheik Mohammed over his hedgehog jihad.

We must look beyond the 2 Google Current morons held prisoner in Pyongyang.  Many times America has been arrogant and blind.  If they need to kill Current’s propagandists (or sentence them to a decade in prison) to help tilt the Karmic Scales to the U.S. and North Korea being equal then so be it.  We are all equally worthless in Barack’s new paradigm.

I know I spin for all of Current TV and the Huffinglue Post when I say that we will build monuments to their deaths for righting the scales of U.S. historical injustice against North Korea.  When will we learn?


  1. Greetings:

    I enjoyed your Yoga reference. I started taking classes about a year and a half ago and I’ve been helping the instructor with some “taglines” for her marketing. My first was “Yoga – who needs waterboarding”. This year, it’s “Yoga – time for some pain”.

  2. How about: “Yoga – Guantanamo is for faggots”? Or, “Yoga – Because the CIA ran out of blacks sites”.

    I should have mentioned above that the writer is the son of Deepak Chopra so he pipes in some New Age garbage about how Current’s Communettes can mumbo jumbo their way out of captivity.

    He also claims to have been a lyrical adviser to Michael Jackson for a few albums so no word if he ever offered this sage wisdom to any budding Hollywood cherubs being chained to the radiator of the Neverland Rape Rollercoaster.

  3. Isn’t regarding other nations as wayward children just airy-fairy doublespeak for American Arrogance™?

    Oh and “Karmic Seeds”? I wonder how that bullcrap would play out if it got mentioned at a six-party talk?

  4. This might all be a lot more funny if it weren’t so dangerous.

    Obama has bet a good number of lives on His ability to talk sense into a despotic regime. Unless he has some hypnotic powers (and judging by how many people voted for him – he just might), the Korean situation will have to be resolved by someone overthrowing Kim or by Kim croaking.

  5. But that’s the role and risk a parent sometimes has to play with a child that acts out in an effort to get attention.

    Ummm moron that “child” has nukes and missiles to deliver them when it acts out millions will die not to mention millions have already been killed by that “child” my GOD could these fools be any more clueless? We are in deep kimchee people before dear leaders first term is up we will be in a major regional conflict and it will more than likely go nuclear. Iran, North Korea and soon Pakistan.

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