You Stupid, Stupid California Voters

Your elected officials and journalists agree; you are very stupid people for rejecting tax hikes.

Since you people put these politicians in office, I’d have to agree. But hey, I’m just a blogger who escaped from the Golden State in 1999. These folks are looking out for your best interests.

First up, the Sacramento Bee, which deleted the article but was reconstructed courtesy of forensic blogger Director Blue.

Good morning, California voters. Do you feel better, now that you’ve gotten that out of your system?

You wanted to show the state’s politicians just how mad you are at them. And you did. Boy, did you ever.

Proposition 1A with its taxes and its spending limit? Too much of one and not enough of the other, you said (or was it the other way around), and voted it down. Never mind that the taxes go into effect anyway. You showed ’em.

The point is that you’re sick and tired of all this political mumbo-jumbo. So you showed those politicians who’s in charge. You. You’re now officially in charge of a state that will be something like $25 billion in the hole for the fiscal year beginning July 1.

So, now that you’ve put those irksome politicians in their place, maybe it’s time to think about this: Since you’re in charge, exactly what do you intend to do about that pesky $25 billion hole in the budget?

Lay off some state workers? Which ones? And how many? Remember, the entire state payroll is about $25 billion. You could lay off every last one of them every Highway Patrol officer, every prison guard, every state firefighter, [Caution, trope alert! -ed] every health inspector, every professor in the UC and CSU systems, every DMV employee and every nameless, faceless paper-shuffling bureaucrat and the state would only be barely in the black. But if you want to do that, go ahead. You’re in charge, remember.

Gateway Pundit shares with us California Rep. Karen Bass (D [duh] LA [double duh]). People aren’t tired of spending – they’re just confused. Her listening tour didn’t turn up a single soul which said you must cut spending. They told her, we elected you, you make the decisions. Apparently, her constituents are Mrs. Wilson’s 5th grade class.

Finally, straight from Silicon Valley’s paper of record, the San Jose Mercury News.

Everybody’s got somebody to blame, but in the end these are services people wanted,” Levy added. “Look at the screaming when you close a swimming pool, let alone try to cut education.”

There is truth to that. But why fund the pool in the first place?

And remember, when you give those b*stard voters the reigns, look what they do.

Top Democrats cite voter initiatives as big drivers in the state’s spending — like the 1994 “three strikes” measure that increased the prison population, or Proposition 98, the 1988 measure guaranteeing at least 40 percent of the general fund for education. Add to that, they say, some major lawsuits the state lost, including a federal case requiring more spending to upgrade prison health care at about $1 billion a year so far.

“If you factor out voter initiatives and court suits, the remaining part of state government grew at or less than inflation and population growth,” said John Laird, a Santa Cruz Democrat who served as Assembly Budget Committee chairman from 2004 to 2008.

This from a Santa Cruz Democrat who hasn’t seen a social justice expense he wouldn’t undersign.

However, this paragraph reveals a more complete picture.

Spending on a few other areas, such as higher education, general government, transportation and environment, also grew faster — by about $1 billion each — than inflation and population over the past five years. That was mostly to cover debt payments on bonds that voters approved for parks and highways, along with moves to limit university tuition increases.

Keep your eyes on California. As Big Hollywood reminds us, “So goes California, so goes the nation.”


  1. The grown-ups are in charge again. Weeeee!

    You ever wonder when the Founding White Christian Male Street Gang started graffiti tagging the collective trash cans of our yet-to-be-formed nation with the Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers that they ever wondered aloud that everyone would gladly sign their sovereignty away for a 6 month supply of dick pills if they got laid off from their gubmint job?

  2. As difficult as it might seem to solve California’s financial crisis, there are actually a few common sense fixes that only the far left in our state would not go for…and this would be what I would do if I was Governor:

    * Drill baby, drill. California has a shitload of untapped oil resources off our coast and still others on our soil. Tell the enviroweenies to go screw themselves…they can move to the Peoples Republic of Oregon if they want to go save some tadpole from our environmental rape. Jobs and money, jobs and money…

    * Adios amigos…refuse services to illegal aliens such as schooling, health care, welfare, etc. Yeah, I know…some douchebag judge mandated that we provide such services…but let me axe you this: If we is out of Benjamins, then how can we pay for it? I’d simply tell the court to go screw themselves…I’m taking care of LEGAL citizens first. They want to take it to court? Fine, but you can’t make me spend money I don’t have.

    (As an aside, I’d offer free buses for illegal aliens to Nevada since Harry Reid’s state LOVES illegal aliens and they can get their free services there.)

    * Let Cali go bankrupt. Why? Because then we can undo all of those RIDICULOUS union contracts that allow employees to retire at age 50 at 90% of their salaries and prohibit firing of useless bureaucrats. Let the unions scream their heads off and protest all they want. What? They’re going to go on strike from jobs they won’t have anyway?

    * Call a constitutional convention and get rid of every friggen state legislator we have. Re-write the entire state consitution to include a balanced budget provision…
    (Wait. Isn’t there already a balanced budget provision in our Constitution?)

    Then I’d get the fudge out of the way and beg Tom McClintock to come down off of Capitol Hill to run our state.

  3. I had a really witty, charming and brillant comment to make, however that last shot of brandy washed it totally out of my mind,,,,,,, oh well,,,,,, time for another Bud Light,,,

    OsamaHusseinIslamObama 2012′
    (the terrorist/pirate/media choice)
    -It’s never too early to campaign

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