Compare and Contrast: Liberal Outrage Rorschach Edition

Lynch mobs are all the rage.  But don’t take my word for it.  This week featured some hanging judges that would have made Roy Bean look like Jim J. Bullock in a short-sleeved button up with a pink sweater tied around his waist.

It seems a staff secretary for a local politician did what most every bored secretary does at some point during the day – she forwarded an e-mail.  An admittedly tasteless one, but one that nevertheless is missing the intent to make this the national story it became.

She did not create the e-mail.  She did not create the picture in question.  It was not coordinated by a political campaign.  But, she worked for the state and worse (A Republican…ssssh!)  now the liberals have taken the noose that their Democrat grandaddies kept in the closet for their special nighttime barbecues and want to string them up an old lady in hopes of smearing her boss.

That’s politics in this day and age.  These bloggy little Johnny Ringos are playing for blood but if the standard is now sending out offensive e-mails we can hit 40% unemployment next week.

Wanna play for blood

Your lack of sensitivity offends me, lunger.

Wanna play for blood?


Whaddja say, young man?

If the standard is sending out offensive or politically charged e-mails from state computers then we can solve our budget crisis this month with all the layoffs and it will be the Democrats who infest our government jobs that will bear the brunt of The People’s Budget Windfall.  Better yet, let’s expand this to state employees who are forced to work for the re-election campaigns of their bosses or face reprisal – On My Dime ™.

But let’s focus on the rorschach of these images for a second and who gets outraged by what.  Going back two years ago.

Example 1:

a.  Crazy Islamists start burning down embassies in Denmark over this cartoon being published in a newspaper.

Mohammed Danish Cartoon

b.  a local blogger published a crude stick figure of what can only be recognized as “Mohammed” because it has “Mohammed” written on it and holding a bomb.  A local alt-douche outlet plays up the story and confronts his employer to get him fired.


At the time they wrote this:

Hobbs’ stated point—that the media shouldn’t be intimidated into self-censorship by angry mobs of Muslims—is fairly non-controversial….but by deliberately desecrating Islam’s central figure—“the ‘Prophet Mohammed’ ” as Hobbs sneered, using quote marks for sardonic emphasis—he attacked an entire religion, not a group of fanatics who pervert the religion’s teachings. Then he drew him as a bearded stick figure holding a bomb and said he “blows.” It seems bearded Muslim terrorists are the new big-nosed, money-grubbing Jews. …Yep. But that’s Hobbs’ sophomoric, misguided brand of political humor.

c.  Speaking of “sophmoric, misguided political humor”, flash forward two years and this is today’s cover of that same alt-douche weekly.

Holy Shit

15% more edgy + 75% less content = Pete Kotz Publishing Gold

(I won’t mention the joint smoking Jesus cover)

So much for inflammatory images attacking an entire religion.

Example 2:

a.)  An office secretary forwards an e-mail with this picture in it.  A bunch of liberals form a lynch mob and demand that she be fired. After all, it’s racist imagery!:


b.)  An “influential and combative” liberal blogger creates this picture of Michael Steele, becomes the toast of the asylum and even gets a laudatory obit in the New York Times.


Eventually this picture was republished (ed. albeit posthumously) by some misunderstood genius to compare and contrast how racist imagery is completely acceptable to some people as long as it is attacking someone whose ideology they disagree with and a different, you could even say “zombie-like”, lynch mob took up the noose to hang one of their own for linking to it because dammit we’ve gotta get mad about something.

Some weren’t as happy with the bloodletting then but they seem to have gotten a taste for people’s jobs now.

newscoma, on June 6th, 2007 at 11:49 pm

I liked Steve’s writing. I thought he was quite revolutionary and he inspired many of us to blog.

She’s gone and she was a friend to many but the end result is the same.
She is currently unemployed. Isn’t that good enough? What more do you require?
For people to LIKE her is heinous to you? You can’t get past that?
What do you want? Can you,in a rational tone, tell this thread what you are seeking? I ask again, what do you want?
I thought we, as liberals, were supposed to at least have a conversation.

Good luck with that.  Congratulations.  You’ve led the lynch mob you once railed against.

We live in a world of uncertainty and a lot of hurt. In Tennessee, it’s more important to pass dog bills than the budget. But, I guess we can find the time to send out junk, racist emails. Jeez.

Racist imagery matters.

I decided to release it because we need to think about our actions. How does this kind of behavior effect our children? (ed. – Oh noes!  Not the children!)  It’s just ridiculous and it’s wrong.

I expect better of anyone elected to position that my tax dollars pay. I guess I give folks too much credit.

Yes I am on a soapbox and I’m not getting off of the damned thing.

Before linking back to a hundred people to promote themselves.  Why stop there?  Every e-mail forward, every e-mail or tweet filled with curse words, every action public and private is now grounds for termination.  If you work for the state and you are wasting a moment, I’ve heard the liberals cry, Not On My Dime, Buddy ™.  Please, let’s apply your righteous indignation over government waste across a laundry list of issues.

Technically, since you reposted the picture you’re as guilty as Goforth was of forwarding it.  God, it must suck to be racist scum like her, I mean you.

BONUS POINTS! Same alt-weekly.  Same day.  Now calling this lady a neo-nazi sympathizer.


If they keep up this pace they’ll be writing for the City Paper in a few weeks like the rest of their former co-workers.  It’s only a matter of time before they are photoshopping her in a lawn jockey outfit.  Classy.

Final Update: Former Goforth employer write in to Tennessean.  Says she’s a Democrat but that she worked for a Republican.  Guess that Captain Ed correction won’t be coming any time soon with his lightning fast same-side condemnation cannon at ease.

For most of her professional career, Sherri worked for Democrats. Her job is not a political appointment. Being a Republican is not a prerequisite for working for a Republican legislator in Tennessee.

Sherri has been married to the same man for over 40 years. Their family is an example for us all to admire and imitate. She and Steve have two adopted children, siblings who were removed from their unfit biological parents by the state.

The Goforths also have a biological child with Down syndrome, Katie, now in her 30s. A few years ago, Steve quit his job to open a small takeout restaurant for Katie so she could become independent. Katie is the chef. The restaurant has been a big success. As a result, Katie has made a name for herself; Sherri and Steve have given Katie a skill that will ensure her independence when they are gone.
Sherri’s entire life has been one of hard work, endurance, sacrifice, loyalty and love.

I never heard either Steve or Sherri complain about their circumstances. They always focused on the challenges and the blessings. Sherri and Steve are supporters of the Special Olympics; they also work with parents of Down syndrome children.

Now be a lynch mob of the good and hang her high because you thought you were getting a Republican.  Don’t stop now!


  1. The selectivity of outrage is a perfectly arguable point — and one that cuts both ways. (Outrage over David Letterman, anyone?)

    But calling this a “lynch mob” — unless you are doing it ironically, to make fun of the sort of people who would do it earnestly — demonstrates a lack of proportion and a tin ear for — well — just about everything.

  2. Racists. All of you. The very fact that you posted that horrible picture of the two floating eyes not only is offensive in a racial sense, but is extremely insensitive to the blind, if they could see it, as it is obviously symbolic of the darkness their eyes are wrapped up in every day of their lives.

    Brian… you heartless bastard..

  3. This is the modern day lynch mob, Ken. They don’t literally come with nooses and torches and pitchforks the way Obama says that the people are doing to CEOs and that only he can protect them. They come with mouses and keyboards and twitter accounts.

    I hate to break your figurative stranglehold on linguistic expression but we’re never going to be able to laugh, or poke fun, or drag uncomfortable subjects out into the open as long as the humorless PC posse’s throwing up gang signs.

    No, they’re not literally throwing up gang signs. It’s just an analogy. I’m not downplaying the plight of inner-city, at-risk youth who struggle daily with peer pressure to take part in anti-social clubs known as “gangs”. For that would display my tin ear again.

  4. Oh, Brian, now you’ve gone and crucified me with your response.

    There. See how deeply silly and self-important that is?

    Lynch mobs murdered black people. This particular diverse array of folks — a mob, if you insist — is ridiculing a jackass who forwarded a joke about black people. Some of them are calling for her to be fired. You can think that’s over the line or not. (Personally, even if I were a stone racist, I’d think she was too stupid to work for me under the Gary Hart rule).

    “I hate to break your figurative stranglehold on linguistic expression but we’re never going to be able to laugh, or poke fun, or drag uncomfortable subjects out into the open as long as the humorless PC posse’s throwing up gang signs.”

    Boo freaking hoo. Some forms of political correctness I care about. (Consider the cases profiled by The FIRE, for example.) But I frankly don’t give a crap about political correctness when people use it to mean “it’s oppressive that I can’t act like a jackass without people calling me a jackass.” That’s unserious. You’re perfectly free to laugh, poke fun, and drag uncomfortable subjects into the open. You’re just not free from social consequences. You’re not free to exercise your First Amendment rights while being protected from other people’s exercise of their First Amendment rights.

    You’re giving conservatism a bad, whiny name. Man up, for Christ’s sake.

  5. Well, I often give conservatives a bad name because I’m not a very good one yet I’m often considered some far out rightwinger so thanks for your concern about my damage to the conservative movement.

    I’m a big fan of the work The FIRE does but this does not fall in that category at all. This is an “At-Will” employment state but if someone doesn’t have a history of this type of behavior then in spirit it should not be a hanging offense. A write-up, a warning and a class should do considering the high profile nature. It was an e-mail forward that was probably circulated a million times before and has now definitely been circulated a million times since then. Like the scurge of teenagers “sexting”, everyone who has touched this e-mail either on purpose or by web publishing it, whether their intent was a “teachable moment” or not is literally the same action.

    I got on this for what it is. If this woman was Sally Nobody the office secretary this would never have gotten mentioned. It’s been played up for all it’s worth in order to drag down her boss which, if we’re going to play this game, can get extended in a lot of directions.

    Say you have blogger meet-ups with local Congressmen, state legislators, etc. You have an outreach program to these new media yahoos. Should you, as that state rep, now be held accountable for some of the whacked out things they say?

    You have a relationship. They’re relaying your messages. They’re basically unpaid interns on your staff. They beg for your talking points so they can stay on message.

  6. Brian, I get what you’re saying, but this offense is such that it affects working relationships with people of color in our legislature and with people in Black’s district. The staffer should do the right thing by Diane and resign.

  7. So 20 years of work and no history of inappropriate conduct gets you fired for forwarding an e-mail and thrown into the worst job market in 70 years?

    If that’s the case, it should not be too hard to search all of the state’s exchange server logs for every offensive e-mail. If this is that important then it’s what needs to be done. We can’t just punish this one idiot for exercising poor judgment in sending it out to the wrong e-mail blast. That’s rewarding the insensitive bigots who know how to use Outlook properly.

  8. Republocrats and Demicans. Largely, although not universally, they are a virtually interchangeable, groups of indolent, non-productive professional politicians.

  9. Great coverage of the [typical] double standard that infects politics & political reporting.

    However, regarding the recent offensive email, no one has addressed the relevant point:

    Was it funny?

    I’ll give it a half-chuckle.

    It wasn’t as funny as the “slutty flight attendant” comment made recently in front of millions of people.

    But it was funny.

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