The Leave No Terrorist Behind Act

Time magazine posits a most unusual “viewpoint” that terrorists and enemy combatants should be given the expectation of a fairer chance in American courts or else Dick Cheney wins in a surprisingly frank and honest defense of their hero, one Zacarias Moussaui:

It isn’t easy to have sympathy for Frenchman Zacarias Moussaoui (ed. – But Christ knows Time magazine will sure try), the only person convicted in connection with the September 11 terror attacks. During his trial, Moussaoui pledged his allegiance to Osama bin Laden and prayed that al-Qaeda succeeds in its violent jihad against the U.S; he also mocked the families of 9/11 victims and dared the court to inflict the harshest punishment for the crimes which, after veering erratically between denial and advocacy, he finally took responsibility for.

But other than that, what’s not to love?  As Time’s Bruce Cumley pounds his high chair as to why Moussaoui deserves a new trial,

Why? Because justice and sympathy are different issues.

Perhaps I missed key segments of the Sotomayor kabuki but did everyone finally settle on “Sympathy” being more important than “Justice” because something tells me that if Moussaui had been found innocent at trial that Cumley wouldn’t be arguing in favor of forsaking double jeopardy to try him again out of “sympathy” to 9/11 victims.

So we don’t have enough sympathy for the accused and that’s grounds for a new trial.  What of the evidence?

However, Moussaoui continued to make himself the ever-ready scapegoat in the pursuit of 9/11 justice that seemed to provide no other perpetrators to prosecute. He was, indeed, a dream come true for the prosecution. First, he fired his defense team, zigged and zagged between pleading innocent and guilty, and ranted in ways that had some observers questioning his sanity. And the circumstantial evidence against him didn’t make Moussaoui look any better: he was arrested in August, 2001 while attending a Minnesota flight school. When investigators took a closer look at him after 9/11, they discovered jihadist literature and plane flying information on his computer. Further inquiry led to the discovery that Binalshibh had wired him $14,000 from Germany; a check with French officials showed that he’d long been under watch as a suspected jihadist who’d made the de rigeur trip to al-Qaeda’s Afghan haven.

But Moussaoui had been in jail nearly a month when the attack occurred, meaning he couldn’t have been directly responsible for it. Moussaoui was also a lousy student who flunked out of several flight schools.

All that was missing was an Al Franken for Senate sticker on a rented van filled with ammonium nitrate.

If TIME Magazine ever decides to get out of the fake journalism racket, it would probably be a seamless transition to get into the goalpost moving business.  The court should have disregarded Moussaoui’s part in pursuit of killing US civilians because he was a special needs student at every flight school he attended to get the requisite training.  He’s associating with international terrorists, they’re wiring him money presumably not to reimburse him for the falafel they went in halfsies on last Friday night after mosque and traveled to Afghanistan to jump the walls and play on the monkey bars with his fellow jihadis.  Now since Moussaoui is not a rocket surgeon we need to let him go and reward his failure.

Welcome to the Clinton School of Anti-Terrorism.  If only it ended there.  Cumley then asserts that it is imperative that President Pyrite let Moussaoui go lest the U.S. appear to fall short of our ideals for fairness against those who would slit our throats and have their way with our livestock:

His mother Aicha el-Wafi, told TIME that Moussaoui informed her that he pleaded guilty in the fatalistic belief the process had to be rigged, that no American court would ever give a sworn enemy a fair chance. American values include respecting the rights of even those who attack them. That’s been a key consideration in Obama’s moves to roll back many Bush administration policies in the war on terror.

Oh noes!  Terrorists aren’t getting a fair chance to kill us and that’s against the True American Values ™ that Obama will hopefully restore. Can we declare TIME magazine al-Qaeda’s mouthpiece yet?


  1. Wow, this isn’t the first time liberal media used the incompetence as a defense schtick.

    See also, The Fort Dix foiled bomb plot, Richard Reid and Billy Ayres.

  2. The new standard for guilt is that you have to be born of Machiavellian evil with a masters in Advanced Chaos Theory yet still qualify as sane. Unfortunately for us, by that standard the simple act of the crime is grounds for an insanity defense because who in their right mind would do such a thing? The wages of circular reasoning.

    However, every time a pick-up truck with a Don’t Tread On Me sticker isn’t profiled it makes Baby Obama cry.

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