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First, let me say that Henry Louis Gates should set an example and resign his position at Harvard for him being such a plain-spoken and well-connected racist who has damaged a police officer’s reputation for life and that of his entire school.  We’ll file it under a corollary to the “Do You Know Who I Am?” axiom.

This situation just couldn’t have worked out better.

Cop gets call that someone is breaking into a house.  Finds someone in the house and asks them for I.D.  They start screaming hysterically at the officer and within a day or two the Barak O’Bigot is on tv slandering the officer as stupid and motivated by racism.  Were that it so:

The police report said Gates, who was returning from a trip to China and found his front door jammed, at first refused to provide an ID and became unruly. He was charged with disorderly conduct but the charges were dropped this week.

Law enforcement sources told ABC News that the conversation between Gates and Crowley was transmitted over Crowley’s open police radio and Gates can be heard yelling.

“Mr. Gates was given plenty of opportunities to stop what he was doing. He didn’t. He acted very irrational. He controlled the outcome of that event,” Crowley told WBZ.

Well, what do you mean by irrational and unruly?

Crowley said Gates, the director of Harvard’s W.E.B. Du Bois Institute for African and African-American Research and former host of the PBS show “African American Lives,” called him a “racist cop.”

“There was a lot of yelling, there was references to my mother,” he added, “something you wouldn’t expect from anybody that should be grateful that you were there investigating a report of a crime in progress, let alone a Harvard University professor.”

As a general rule, when interacting with police officers it is a good idea not to bring their mothers into why you got your speeding ticket or whatever reason brought them to your doorstep.  The simple fact of the matter is that Gates was given the same treatment a white person would have gotten in the same situation and it’s that equality that his bigoted eyes refuse to see.

Not content to slander this one cop, Obambi then demeaned the entire D.C. police force by claiming that they would shoot him on sight if he was breaking into his own home.  That little bon mot got the chuckles rolling through the presstitute gallery.

Chiming in, leftcoast communist Rep. Barbara Lee had this to say:

Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif., said today at a news conference of the Congressional Black Caucus that: “The president was right on target. Some of us come from communities that have been racially profiled. This is an example of … unfinished business in America and unequality and racism that continues to exist.”

It’s “unfinished business” for Babs because that business has given her everything she has.  She’s an entrepreneur in the unfinished business of America’s Racism ™.  Something tells me that if the police didn’t show up to the breaking and entering call in 30 minutes or less that Lee would have still contended that police don’t respond in time to help black folks.  9-1-1 is a joke in yo’ town and all that. Especially considering that Gates’ home had been broken into one month before.

I would say that you’re “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” but that’s not true.

In Obama’s new People’s Republic of America, you’re only damned if you’re white.  Condemned in advance for the sins of other people’s great, great grandfathers.  Guilty until proven not-as-guilty as some.  And unremorsefully slandered every inch of the way.

BONUS POINTS: See how Gates teaches his daughter to hate in her Daily Bigot, er, I mean Daily Beast column –

I think what he really wanted to do was throw me down and put handcuffs on me because he was terrified that I could be dangerous to him and that I was causing violence in my own home—though obviously he didn’t know it was my home. If I had been white this incident never would have happened. He would have asked at the door, “Excuse me, are you okay? Because there are two black men around here try’na rob you [laughter] and I think he also violated the rules by not giving his name and badge number, and I think he would have given that to one of my white colleagues or one of my white neighbors.

Don’t worry, pumpkin.  No matter what you do or what you accomplish you’ll never been anything greater than a victim.  Thanks, Dad.  It’s when you go pro as a victim – that’s when you really get the big bucks.

Come for the “what do you call a black man with a PhD.?” joke and stay for whitey turning off your cell phone by design (“Your cell phone doesn’t work and they set it up that way. It’s cold, man.”).  Cuckoo.

Elevated from Cranky in the comments: How Not To Get Your Ass Kicked By The Police. (NSFW – not safe for whitey, or work).


  1. Greetings:

    Today’s Thought Problem: Professor Gates, while walking down the street, bumps shoulders with the off-duty and civilianly clothed Sgt. Crowley. What happens next?

  2. C’mon, give th’ brotha a break. He just returned to Racist America after a fun frolic in the worker’s paradise and wanted to get his freak on with his ‘driver’. Cracker cops be racist. Powers to de peoples..

  3. “That’s not the professor Gates I knew” — Osama, July 2009.

    OsamaHusseinIslamObama 2012′
    (the Terrorist-Uighur-Media choice)
    -It’s never too early to campaign-

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