Football Friday

It’s a glorious new day on Rocky Top. The Great Pumpkin’s regime has finally been shown the door. It should have happened at the end of the 2005 season, but we’ll take what we can get.

We now have a coaching staff that is actually coaching players and demanding accountability. No longer will a high school player come in and leave the program a crappier player. That was the Fulmer system – bring in a bunch of thugs, coach ’em down and send ’em on to the county lock-up or head to Shoney’s to cover up their off-the-field activities. I wouldn’t even be taking shots at Fulmer if he would have gone gracefully into the history books, but he continues to rear his head in the local media and the douchebags at the Knoxville News-Sentinel and on the Sports Animal keep carrying his water and running down the new staff. Keep it up, losers. The new regime’s train is leaving the station tomorrow and you Fulmer apologists are about to get run over.

Speaking of thugs, did anyone see Oregon player LeGarrette Blount sucker punch a Boise State player last night? Video is here. That turd should be kicked out of school, period – especially after he tried to go into the stands and assaulted some cops in the process. That’s the Oregon Ducks for you, though. Nothin’ but class.

Back to the Vols, a visit from Western Kentucky is the perfect way to ease into the season. This will be a glorified scrimmage, as WKU is just plain awful. Vols win, 44-10.


  • Bama 28 Va Tech 21Unless VA Tech can score 21 points on special teams, Bama should handle the Hokies fairly easily.
  • Oklahoma State 38 Georgia 28Georgia is not going to enjoy this road trip. They lost an over-rated QB and an over-rated RB from last year’s team, so they may actually be better this year. Should be a fun game to watch.
  • Ole Miss 33 Memphis 10Is Ole Miss as good as their hype? We’ll find out soon enough. This contest has traditionally been a close one, but not this year.
  • LSU 34 Washington 17I love those late night west-coast games when I’m almost passed out from spending Saturday drinking an entire bottle of hooch. John Chavis’ LSU defense is going to put the hammer down on UW.

8 comments on “Football Friday

  1. Yes, this OSU Beav enjoyed watching the Ducks get stomped! Some say my Beavs were like that back when Erickson was coaching, but at least the late hits and smack-talk were limited to game time. Blount’s behavior was just outrageous.

  2. UCLA 31 SDSU 10…

    BTW, are we revisiting our Tenn/UCLA wager from last year? I will be on my honeymoon and won’t be able to attend (or watch the game live, so there will be a delayed response from me until I watch the DVR’d replay), but we can do the whole T-shirt thing again. If you lose, just post last years pic…

  3. I’ll actually watch the OSU game because Stillwater runs in my blood. By watching I mean eating hot wings, drinking beer, and enjoying the noise.

  4. I’d like to see at least one game under the new regime before I start getting cock-slappy.

    That video of the Oregon thug was quite instructive. Especially the announcer of undetermined racial origin who kept making excuses for him.

  5. Speaking of which, I’m liking what I’m seeing so far.

    They’ve got some of their swagger back minus a few first quarter jitters. I still think Crompton’s got a nickel head on those shoulders and that a better secondary could pick him apart like a 2 pc. snack from Popeye’s.

    They’ve got to get Hardesty to stop thinking about falling down and to keep his head up when he gets beyond the line.

    Defense is doing pretty well so far.

    It’s not like I don’t know this is Western Kentucky but they seem excited to play which is different from the “going through motions” that I’ve watched for seemingly ever.

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