Titan Thursday Night

Aside from Tim McGraw’s lame, traveling suburban cowboy show to “warm up” for the game, I’ve got to say – If you aren’t watching the Thursday Night Titans/Steelers game. *glug, glug*

You are missing a heavyweight bout. *ding, ding*

Two teams, in their prime, and playing playoff caliber football in the first game of the season for your entertainment.

0-0 halfway through the 2nd Qtr.

Last 2 minutes of the game, Santonio Holmes catches a TD after Chris Hope breaks his coverage and the Steelers go up 7-0.
Polamalu is injured and leaves the field with 1:21 left in the 2nd.

Collins goes to Britt three times in a row knowing that he can break it without Polamalu and he gets down inside the 20 with 50-something left. Collins TD to Gage on the next play with :48 left.

Game of the Season.

:21 Seconds and Roethlisberger’s driving. After a penalty he goes for the Hail Mary with :01 on the clock. The defending Superbowl champs are here to play a tough divisional rival.

Finnegan intercepts in the end zone and runs it back almost 70 yards. The Titans, it appears, are here to play as well.

Drama. 10-10 with a minute and a half left in the 4th. If Bulluck can rally this defense to hold. He’ll get payday.

In what appears to be an easy go-ahead touchdown, Roethlisberger connects with Hines Ward who is making his way to the 5 and – fumble!

Titans recover with under a minute around their own 5.

Heart attack city!

Collins takes a knee on his own 2 and you guessed it – Overtime.

OT -UGH. The Titans had no answer for Roethlisberger’s passes or how to get passed the offensive line. Steelers win on a Reed kick 13-10, 5 minutes into overtime.

The Titans have nothing to be ashamed of in this loss. Use it. Like Fisher and Collins made Britt stand up to Polamalu all first quarter. Once he got his shots, he capitalized. The Titans have over a dozen chances to avenge tonight and emerge a stronger club.

Both teams left it all on the field. Now pick it up and use it on another field another day.

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