9/12 DC Style

If any of you Buffet friends going to the 9/12 DC Rally are doing any live blogging, reporting, etc, let us know (preston-@-thisdomain) so we can link you.

The left is quite concerned about this movement. Truth be told, both parties are crapping their pants because these folks (myself included) couldn’t give a damn about their two-party scam. The GOP and the Donks are in it together and we’re the ones getting screwed. It’s time to kick them all out.

Ben at Taxing Tennessee is on the ball. Updates as they come in.

Malkin with excellent coverage as usual.


Buffet friend Dan Riehl has more.

St. Louis folks have a big one today as well.

Twitter hash tag is DC912. Lots there.

CSPAN will be streaming the event from 1-4pm online today. Take a football break and tune in at some point.

Fox News is covering via the Glenn Beck show. Our brother Brian is tuned in as well.

Darleen has a good roundup over at PW. She uncorked this nugget (heh!):

UPDATE: ABC News is reporting a turnout of close to two million. Kick ass. Even the DC Keystone Cops are reporting 1.2 million.

By Louis Farrakhan’s million-man-math, there are 40 million people in DC today.

B-Mac Here. Stephen Green’s got this photo up over at Paja-jas:
I cannot tell a lie. Obama’s a commie.

All the while, the Coward-In-Chief flees the capitol to stage a townhall in favor of Government Healthcare using the 13,000 morons from the People’s Republic of Minnesota as a backdrop for the rest of us.   Like the jerks who voted for Al Franken needed convincing in that Garrison Keillor gulag they’ve got going on up there.

“They can’t stop us, let’s go get this done,” he said before leaving the stage.

Say, say, say what you want.

Lie lie lie

Preston here: Enjoy this video of a couple of CNN dingbats trying to understand the rally and expressing their disbelief that anyone would support Joe Wilson.


Our brother Digger has a report from the front lines – great stuff Digger!


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  2. Remember – 100,000 dirty hippies and ANSWER astroturf shows up to protest Iraq and they get weeks of wall-to-wall coverage.

    A couple of hundred thousand citizens take a weekend out of their already over-taxed lives to go protest and screw covering that – we’ve got a Runaway Bride story that weekend! Pffft.

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