Month: October 2009

Barbara Boxer thinks I’m her “friend”

Aww…she just sent me an email!:

Dear Friend:

The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, which I chair, has opened an intensive three-day schedule of legislative hearings on the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act, S.1733, a bill aimed at creating new, clean energy jobs, reducing our dependence on foreign oil, and curbing the production of greenhouse gases. I am pleased to share with you my opening statement, available at this link.

EPA’s economic modeling found that the Kerry Boxer bill will carry only modest costs for America’s families – the overall impact being 22 to 30 cents a day.

Let’s talk about that.

What will America’s families get for 30 cents a day?

For 30 cents a day, we will put America in control of our own energy future and take a stand for home-grown American energy rather than foreign oil from countries who don’t like us.

For 30 cents a day, we will protect our children from dangerous pollution.

A love letter from Babs

A love letter from Babs

For 30 cents a day we will send a signal that sparks billions of dollars of private investment and job creation.

For 30 cents a day we will be the world’s leader in clean energy technology.

Wow! All of that for only 30 cents a day?

Of course there’s a bigger problem with that. This economic analysis was done by…er…The Environmental Protection Agency.

Uh…I think I’d rather take my economic analysis from entities that do, you know…economic analysis. From Sen. Jim Inhofe:

According to the National Black Chamber of Commerce, the Waxman-Markey bill would increase gas prices by 19 cents a gallon in 2015, by 38 cents per gallon in 2030, and by 95 cents per gallon in 2050. Also, electricity bills would rise by about 4% to 5% in the 2020, and as Waxman-Markey’s allocations are phased out, “bills would rise more dramatically.”

– According to the National Association of Manufacturers, in 2030, because of Waxman-Markey, “the inflation adjusted, annual GDP level is reduced by 1.8% (or $419 billion) under the low cost scenario and by 2.4% (or $571 billion) under the high cost scenario, compared to the baseline forecast.” To put these GDP losses in perspective, in 2008 the Federal government spent $612 billion on social security payments to retirees. Looked at another way, if GDP levels are reduced by $571 billion in 2030, Federal and State tax receipts will be approximately $170 billion lower that year since Federal and State governments take approximately 30 cents out of every dollar of GDP.

– According to the Congressional Budget Office, the Waxman-Markey bill will result in a net loss of jobs. And the so-called “transition” to a green economy will impose severe hardships on those who lose their jobs because of cap-and-trade. Doug Elmendorf, director of the CBO, said the “transition” will be painful: it will mean leaving high-paying jobs, moving away from hometowns, and “significant reductions in lifetime earnings.”

– In a recent Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) asked the government witnesses-CBO, EPA, EIA, and CRS-whether anyone disagreed with the finding that the net effect of cap-and-trade would be a reduction in jobs. None did.

Hmm. That doesn’t sound like “30 cents a day”, Babs. I think I’ll write you back to find out how you reconcile those numbers. I wonder if your response will be just like the last time you sent me an email.

Feeling especially “Hope and Changey” today

Especially the “Changey” part…today’s read is from Thomas Sowell:

Barack Obama has not only said that he is out to “change the United States of America,” the people he has been associated with for years have expressed in words and deeds their hostility to the values, the principles and the people of this country.

Jeremiah Wright said it with words: “God damn America!” Bill Ayers said it with bombs that he planted. Community activist goons have said it with their contempt for the rights of other people.

Among the people appointed as czars by President Obama have been people who have praised enemy dictators like Mao, who have seen the public schools as places to promote sexual practices contrary to the values of most Americans, to a captive audience of children.

Those who say that the Obama administration should have investigated those people more thoroughly before appointing them are missing the point completely. Why should we assume that Barack Obama didn’t know what such people were like, when he has been associating with precisely these kinds of people for decades before he reached the White House?

Nothing is more consistent with his lifelong patterns than putting such people in government– people who reject American values, resent Americans in general and successful Americans in particular, as well as resenting America’s influence in the world.

Make sure you read it all. HT to Cranky’s friend Brian Miller via his facebook page.

On Deep Sh–

Tom Donohue, head of the US Chamber of Commerce, has some strong words for the leftards trying to ramrod envirowhacko legislation up our already unemployed asses:

U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Tom Donohue says a campaign by the White House and its allies to undermine his $200-million-a-year association has largely failed — and actually has helped raise even more money for its pro-business efforts.

In a 75-minute interview with POLITICO, Donohue dismissed recent defections by Apple and at least four other companies, which quit over the Chamber’s opposition to Democratic climate change legislation — as essentially meaningless. “Members come and go all the damn time,” he said.

That’s true. But rarely — if ever — have companies jumped ship in such a public way.

Donohue made plain he believes the White House, or at least its closest allies operating on the outside, are behind a very orchestrated campaign to embarrass and undermine the Chamber.

Under pressure from and other groups, Apple, PG&E and Exelon have left the Chamber over the issue — and Nike resigned from its spot on the board. And pressure on others to follow suit is often intense.

Donohue refused to say if he believes the science behind global warming. “Is the science right? Is science not right? I don’t know,” he said.

What he does know, though, is that he’ll fight anything that the Chamber believes would unfairly harm business, especially if the Environmental Protection Agency moves forward, while Congress haggles, with its authority to regulate the release of greenhouse gases.

“If we got the EPA one, then we are in deep sh– as a country,” he said. “You want to see unemployment? You will see some.”

This, of course, is working under the assumption that the current administration does not want high unemployment so that the government can simply buy all of tomorrow’s unemployed votes with a handout and using the EPA to create just the kind of crisis they have the solution for.

Let the boycotts begin.  No Apple (no problem).  No Nike.  Correction here: PG & E not Proctor & Gamble as previously noted.

Heyyy, wait a second.  A lot of those products already  hurt the environment, use slave labor or directly benefit from climate hysteria legislation.   It’s almost like there’s a racket going on here.

Hey Newt…you want that endorsement back?

I am a conservative.

But I am not a Republican.

Because I wouldn’t think for a minute to officially align myself with that band of idiots.

Behold…the eye of a Newt:

The Stupid Party is at it again.

Way to go, Beltway GOP establishment. Grass-roots fiscal conservatives are fired up over ACORN, the SEIU, tax-and-spend radicals. Grass-roots social conservatives are battling radical abortion and gay marriage policies. You have been asking movement conservatives to give you money to fight the ACORN-friendly, union-pandering, tax-and-spend, radical Democrats.

Then you use their money to try and elect Dede Scozzafava, an ACORN-friendly, union-pandering, tax-and-spend radical Republican. And you use that money to fight Doug Hoffman, a viable, bona fide conservative candidate in the race who is closing the gap in the polls.

Get out your air sickness bags. Guess who endorsed Scozzafava this morning? Newt Gingrich. I hear Al Sharpton and Nancy Pelosi approve!

Dede Scozzafava is not just a “RINO”. Hell, I can’t seem to find even one reason to call her anything but a “liberal”. Or maybe a “progressive”. But one thing it seems we can call her.


It appears Dede Scozzafava is funneling RNC, NRCC, and donor dollars through her campaign account to her family.

Dede Scozzafava is or was until recently the Chief Operating Officer of her brother’s company.

Her company’s key subsidiaries have accumulated hundreds of thousands of dollars in state and federal tax liens. As of July 13, 2009 – or less than a week ago – three of Dede’s businesses have $192,000 in outstanding liens.

Dede’s brother is Thomas W. Scozzafava and he is married to Pearl Han Ashcraft.

Dede Scozzafava’s campaign has paid $3750.00 in disclosed expenses to Pearl Han Productions, LLC for “Strategic Consulting,” the most bland of descriptions.

If that ain’t slimey enough for you, head on over to Red State for even more Scuz-politics. And then head on over to Doug Hoffman’s campaign website to throw a few bucks his way.

This Ain’t No Party, This Ain’t No Disco

And this ain’t no fooling around. Word is that musicians are up in arms about their music being used to “torture” detainees at Gitmo.

A coalition of top musicians, including R.E.M. and Pearl Jam, want to know if their music was used by the U.S. military as part of controversial interrogation methods at the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The artists have endorsed a series of Freedom of Information Act requests, which were filed Thursday morning, asking the U.S. government to declassify documents that would reveal which artists’ work was used on detainees at U.S. prison facilities and military detention centers, including the one at Guantanamo Bay.

No doubt Hillary Rosen and the parasites of the RIAA are interested too. Napster got nothing on the Pentagon’s use of unlicensed music.

But the controversy is real. Anyone who has lived next to an apartment full of college kids can empathize at the de-humanizing exposure to music. This goes double if it they are the disaffected suburbo-anarchists.

Tom Morello, whose musical talent stands in inverse proportion to his self-important activism is outraged against the machine.

Artists have joined on to political campaigns before, but this is slightly different. We know for a fact that the music of Rage Against the Machine (Tom’s band) and Nine Inch Nails (Trent Reznor) was used at Guantanamo – music played at near ear-splitting volumes for hours on end – to torture detainees. As you might expect, they are not happy about it. Here’s what Tom had to say:

Guantanamo is known around the world as one of the places where human beings have been tortured – from water boarding, to stripping, hooding and forcing detainees into humiliating sexual acts – playing music for 72 hours in a row at volumes just below that to shatter the eardrums. Guantanamo may be Dick Cheney’s idea of America, but it’s not mine. The fact that music I helped create was used in crimes against humanity sickens me – we need to end torture and close Guantanamo now.

Any validity to his statements is lost by the fact that he tirelessly pisses off Philadelphians by standing with convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal.

These musician have always stood for love, justice and all the other fuzzy sentiments that come cheaply to well-insulated artistic types.

“We have spent the past 30 years supporting causes related to peace and justice. To now learn that some of our friends’ music may have been used as part of the torture tactics without their consent or knowledge is horrific,” the American rock band R.E.M. said in a statement posted on “It’s anti-American, period.”

Oh well, considering that these folks are still active now, it’s Obama’s problem now.

UPDATE: More from Big Hollywood.

The Breast Cancer shakedown

Hey You!

Are you “aware” of breast cancer yet? I just wanted to make sure because I haven’t seen any of you wearing pink this month.

I’ll probably get the crap kicked out of me for this post…but I have to be honest here:

I’m sick of “breast cancer awareness month”.

Look…breast cancer SUCKS…pretty much any kind of cancer does. But I must be suffering from some kind of “breast cancer awareness” fatigue because if I never hear about breast cancer again I’d be fine with that.

Unless of course a loved one or friend gets breast cancer.

So of course I feel conflicted…and just a little bit like a jerk because I never want to see the color pink again and I don’t want to hear anything more about breast cancer.

I can’t walk into my grocery store for the rest of the month without feeling like a piece of crap because “no, I don’t want to donate a dollar for breast cancer awareness”. I have been asked to donate that dollar all month long…and the last time I softly said “no thank you” the clerk and the lady behind me gave me that “what a selfish asshole” look.

Of course they don’t know that I sponsored someone on their breast cancer walk. Or that I played in and donated even more money in a charity golf tournament “for the cure”. And that I paid for and played in a poker tourney where the proceeds went to the Susan G. Komen foundation. My donations to “breast cancer awareness” this month exceed my church donations plus a few of my utility bills combined.

But I suck because I just don’t feel like adding that dollar in at the grocery store, right?

Turns out I am not the only one who’s had enough of this either:

Since when did it become OK for flight attendants to pass the hat for a cause? I’m all in favor of breast-cancer research and fund-raising, but on airplanes? Every leg of every Delta flight? On an early-morning Delta flight, one flight attendant told us she’d let us sleep as long as we donated enough money (chuckling), but then semi-strong-armed us (‘We can do better than $315, folks!”) when the first passing of the hat didn’t result in enough money for her liking.

Must we inflict this fashion disaster on NFL fans?

Must we inflict this fashion disaster on NFL fans?

The NFL has had their players, officials, cheerleaders and coaches all wearing pink…ALL MONTH LONG. Please…stop. If we weren’t all “aware” of breast cancer a month ago, we sure as hell are aware of it now.

Shorter Emanuel

You know that whole troops thing?  Not gonna happen.

At least not until we topple the Karzai government so that we can have a “credible” Afghan partner.  Nothing says “stability” like overthrowing your last “partner”.

Echoing Kerry:

Success in Afghanistan will not be defined by military objectives, Kerry said. “There is no military success ultimately to Afghanistan.”

Emanuel told CNN the U.S. effort requires getting answers to a “set of questions that have to have answers, that have never been asked.”

Obama “will not be rushed to making a decision without asking firm questions and challenging the assumptions,” he said.

Take your time, Miss.  We understand a delicate lady like President Obama reserves the right to change her mind. It’s not like you had two years of running for President to think of how to handle this question or 9 months in the Office, give or take a week or two lobbying for the Olympics, date nights or many vacations to hash out these “distractions” from the full-scale offensive in favor of socialized medicine.

9 months in and Bush was already dealing with 9/11.  By all means, take your time.

Does this war make my ass look fat?  Will Firedoglake and hullabaloo write nasty blog posts about my Change deficit?

Quick, hire Newsweek to take a poll asking how many average New Yorkers think my ass makes tasty chocolate soft-serve.

It’s not like there are people already in Afghanistan who can see that you’ve abandoned them .

Crisis Narrowly Averted

I’m not going to link to the ongoing boob-ha-ha over a certain RINO, former Presidential candidate, full-time loser’s daughter who’s getting cheap T(w)itter hits over a push up-bra that’s challenging our meager bandwidth but I will say this…

Thank you again for losing, J-Mac.  People on the Right really needed to go from the Bush twins to having a President’s daughter being our first national camwhore.

When she starts jilling off for a $50 paypal contribution to PETA, please wake me.

When she starts delivering her thoughts on a public healthcare option over the loudspeaker from the BangBus you might get my attention.

It’s not like we can’t ignore her and get either one of those in the next 6 months.  Meghan McCain (R-DVDA).

Jesus Christ, people.  It’s freaking 2009.  Haven’t you ever heard of YouPorn?

She sez, “Don’t call me a slut!” to which what other way can one respond than “well, don’t be a slut.”

On one hand, she wants to bill herself as the new face and ass of The New Right.  Not exactly a bastion of freewheeling  barsexuality.  On the other hand, she wants everybody to be holding a soiled sock.

Sorry Sugartits, but your message control-fu needs more work.

With Anka-esque Precision, Obama Slices Through Me Like A Meaty Man-Hammer

And by “me”, I mean this particularly thick-cut of Sully Burger (extra ham):

There is a strange quality to Barack Obama’s pragmatism. It can look like dilly-dallying, weakness, indecisiveness. But although he may seem weak at times, one of the words most applicable to him is something else entirely: ruthless. Beneath the crisp suit and easy smile there is a core of strategic steel.

Correction:  You bring the meat, he’ll bring the buns.

That’s right.  Beneath the veneer of weakness, as one might describe Obama’s prostrate behavior to dictators the world over, is a rigid and pulsing resolve that penetrates even the darkest cavities of Teh Excitable One’s skepticism with jackhammer practicality.

Bizarr-0! Reality:

Bizarro Reality

You live in one.

Most certainly, appearances can be deceiving though the majority of the time they are astonishingly accurate.

When Obama moves, he moves with chilling swiftness. The stimulus package went through Congress like a speeding bullet.

Agreed.  It is chilling.  Like when a chill wind blows through the First Amendment.  Like when his union thugs assault townhall protesters or his Diversity Czar’s comment on Hugo Chavez’s glorious revolution in shutting down an adversarial media.  Also, bullet-like in it’s “chilling swiftness”, oh recent converts to the unitary executive.

On Healthcare:

He (The Obamessiah) has fudged without cornering himself with a commitment he will be unable to fulfil, while leaving open the best practical option in the near future.

I think this line is a bit of projection regarding who is fudging themselves here.

Here’s what is perhaps the most perplexing bit of Sully’s Stockholm Syndrome:

My sense is that on the really divisive issues — accountability for torture, and gay rights, for example — he intends to wait for a second term. If that enrages his base — as it has — they have few other places to go. And he looks bipartisan by resisting them. At the same time, he has not explicitly ruled out bringing justice to the torturers or rights for the gays. He’s able to balance a commitment to the right thing with an almost chilling ability to restrain himself from doing it.

What bravery.  He knows the right thing to do but he’s able to refrain himself from doing it out of pragmatism. Like the bank robber who knows that it’s wrong enough to hide his face but still needs to pay the rent or the sociopath who is so morally flexible that they are void of principle so long as it gets them what they want at the moment.

If only his steely, stubble-faced commitment to do the right thing in Afghanistan could be executed were it not for his chilling ability to loosen himself from his own words and alleged deeply held convictions.

The shorter Sully: As Massah Obama does not feel obligated to placate for the gays until his inevitable 2nd term,  Sullivan’s more than happy to be his House Queer singing madrigals from deep inside some hidden closet in The White House.  You can almost hear this gay Gutenberg of Obama printing indulgences for His new Bible now:

John 14:2 – In my Father’s house are many closets; if it were not so, I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a shoe rack for you to sit.

Sullivan’s ability to roll over and slap a cheek for his messianic mancrush is almost too much to bareback.  His main issues (gay marriage / gays in the military) that are central to his only relevance as a commentator are malleable enough that this self-styled and media appointed “conservative” is willing to abandon them out of some imagined leftwing success for his political boytoy.

I’d say he was in the tank were I not so sure that he’s already swirled the bowl and making mudpies in the sewer.

Ayatollah In A Coma… I Know, I Know, It’s Serious…

Do you really think he’ll pull through?

This story has been floating around the net for the past day or so, but this report comes from a person who is in a position to know such things. As I know very well (having been gulled into wrongly announcing Khamenei’s death a while back), it is easy to be misled, and Khamenei has had previous medical emergencies in the past, and recovered, but the source is excellent. Nonetheless, it’s always smart to apply the Reagan Caution: Trust, but verify. I’m doing my best.

The obvious question – how can anyone tell a comatose state from his natural state? More importantly, who will threaten us with death now? Stupid question, as the queue stretches from Tehran all the way to some of the more dank corners of the White House.

This one’s for you, Ayatollah Assahola.


So, we took our eyes off Bin Laden in Tora Bora so we could get distracted by Iraq but it’s okay to take our eyes off Bin Laden so we can attack the moon.  A moon who, to my recollection, did not harbor weapons of mass destruction or was anyway involved with 9/11.

Attacking the moon only makes sense if the current administration believes that it was once our ally.  Then it makes complete sense as the current President would seek to ingratiate himself to the Middle East by making the moon a crescent permanently.

Lispy and Lurch Sitting In A Tree

Just switch parties already.  Nobody died and made you spokeswoman of the Right:

Yes We Can (Pass Climate Change Legislation)


Published: October 10, 2009

First, we agree that climate change is real and threatens our economy and national security.

Ummm, no.  We don’t.

Kerry threatens our national security more than so-called Climate Change (i.e., it’s no longer called Global Warming when Denver has to cancel their 1st week of October baseball game for harsh winter weather).  That’s not touching the vast waste of the jetsetting Heinz cartel.

The message to those who have stalled for years is clear: killing a Senate bill is not success; indeed, given the threat of agency regulation, those who have been content to make the legislative process grind to a halt would later come running to Congress in a panic to secure the kinds of incentives and investments we can pass today. Industry needs the certainty that comes with Congressional action.

The hubris here is amazing.  “Industry” clamors for the yoke of government to keep it from panicking about what they might do versus what they are doing.

We are confident that a legitimate bipartisan effort can put America back in the lead again and can empower our negotiators to sit down at the table in Copenhagen in December and insist that the rest of the world join us in producing a new international agreement on global warming.

If there’s one thing that’s going to spur a recession to turn into a Depression, it’s listening to these two morons try to fearmonger everyone into buying their load of bull so they can play footsie with the euroweenies, who they pine for acceptance, on their taxpayer funded vacation to Copenhagen.

When South Carolina eventually secedes again promise to take Lispy with you.

I Want Jeff Fisher’s Mustache Stuffed On My Mantle

I’m a Titans fan.  I love derivatives of Buddy Ryan’s acolytes on defense.  But the Titans’ need a coach and they don’t have one.

Aside from firing everything that touched the University of Texas on the team, the alternative is firing everything in coach’s gear on the sideline – starting at the top.  Jeff “Joe Cool” has no passion for this game anymore.  He’ll sleepwalk through the recap tomorrow before the Monday Night game and stoically “take the blame” for another humiliating bowel movement on all 100 yards of LP field – televised nationally to raise awareness for Colorectal Cancer Month.

His sideline demeanor raises awareness of Anger Management because no matter what seems to happen he never gets angry,throws down a clipboard, grabs a player’s face mask or decks an Offensive Coordinator for calling a run up the middle 3rd and long.  Of course, this could turn into a masochistic endeavor if we include the coach who turns down a penalty against the opposing team giving you 3rd &  8 and another chance to gets  a 1st down versus taking 4 & 2 and kicking a field goal.

You’re not really here to win anymore are you, Coach? Or is run left, run up the middle, incomplete pass to the left, punt some brilliant new strategy whose time just hasn’t come yet?

Facial Hair of Failure

You will be mine.

Paychecks need to be withheld because outside of the defense, the product that is being put on the field does not qualify as a football team.  Not that we’ll find that out from local sports talk radio who are so completely in the bag and starstruck that they are void of making any meaningful criticism.  You’re still doing my sitdown interview and we’re going to go play golf, right?

Nashville is such a polite city.  Nothing like the Chicagos or Philadelphias.

As our pampered, prideless, heartless multimillionaires can’t seem to catch the ball or run with it without dropping it, it’s time to up the stakes.

If Jeff Fisher cannot keep this almost all returning 13 & 3 team from last year from going 0-6 this year, he should be forced to shave his mustache on The Jeff Fisher Show next week.

We will keep his mustache in a fireproof safe, occasionally poke it with a stick and keep a bottle’s worth of Grecian Formula just out of reach to taunt it.