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Tenncare For All
Tenncare for All

This yellow dog in blue dog’s clothing has crapped on our lawn long enough:

I will vote yes on H.R. 3962. My vote is not an endorsement of all the provisions of the bill because I find much of the bill to be deeply flawed. There is little chance that H.R. 3962 will become law due to the long legislative process. My reason for voting yes is to advance the cause of health care reform by forcing the Senate to act.

He said, there is a problem with this village and we absolutely must burn it to the ground so that we can advance the cause of fixing it.  Because the federal version of Tenncare will be much more successful than our socialized medical program which has been the envy of deadbeats and frauds for every state within driving distance.

Ummm, actually your vote is an endorsement. That’s what your vote is by definition. How about – don’t vote for it but tell us that you support the idea of it.

For years you paraded around the Congressional Budget. Waving it in everyone’s face when Republicans held the majorities while touting your own fiscal responsibility yet here you are – quadrupling that debt in one bill. At every townhall forum you carried your little prop and passed around copies for everybody and it’s a shame that we didn’t spit in your lying face then.

You’re done, son. Believe it or not, you’ve been the focal point of discussion for many conversations in the 5th District where I live and that’s never a good thing.

Thanks for providing the catalyst for all of those door knockers and phone callers to throw you out on your banjo next time around. See you real soon.

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  1. I,too,live in Cooper’s district and write the guy at least once or twice a week letting him know that I and others like me are going to do our best to see him out in 2010. It’s good to know that this conversation is catching on.

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