Breaking: Football Players Are Stupid

Well, not all of them, just a very healthy percentage.

Three freshman Vols arrested, two charged with armed robbery.

KNOXVILLE – Three University of Tennessee football players this morning face attempted armed robbery charges

Janzen Jackson, Michael Edwards and Nu’Keese Richardson, all 18, were charged this morning after an armed robbery attempt at a Pilot station on Cumberland Avenue, according to the Knoxville Police Department.

Each player faces three counts of attempted armed robbery.

UT Athletic Director Mike Hamilton released a statement this morning about the episode.

“At this time we are currently evaluating the circumstances surrounding an incident involving Mike Edwards, Janzen Jackson and Nu’Keese Richardson,” Hamilton said. “Any decisions or comments regarding their status will not be made until the evaluations are complete.”

Both Richardson and Jackson are coming off a week in which they faced discipline from Vols coach Lane Kiffin, the former for missing a practice and the latter for a violation of team rules.

Kiffin has touted the discipline in his program and a clean arrest record as recently as Wednesday’s SEC teleconference.

Well, CLK, now’s your chance to make an example of these thugs. Your predecessor, the Great Pumpkin, would find some reason to keep these three on the team – at least, that is, if they were going to contribute. Kick these pieces of trash of the team and off campus and set the right tone for this program going forward.

Jackson was going to be the next Eric Berry, what a stupid asshole. What a trio of stupid assholes.


If you want a peek into the intellectual firepower of this trio, check out Edwards’ Twitter page. Warning: Not Safe for Brain Cells. via Tony B

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  1. Don’t hold your breath, Holmes. Kiffin is from the Pete Carroll school…lying, cheatin’, stealin’ and disrespecting.

    Kiffin was on staff at SC as they ignored:

    * Mark Sanchez’s sexual assault of a co-ed, use of a fake ID to enter a club and breaking a window at a fraternity house.

    * Rey Maualuga assaulting a man at a party and then saying he wasn’t worried because he “owns the police”.

    * Reggie Bush’s family receiving a $3,000 a month rental house…for free. BTW, there is pending litigation on this which might cost Bush his Heismann..

    * The recruitment of Maurice Simmons…which continued right until he was put in PRISON for armed robbery.

    * Dwayne Jarrett living rent free in Matt Leinart’s luxury downtown condo

    * The racist “White Power” Facebook page created by USC players

    * Frostee Rucker beating the crap out of his girlfriend just before SC started fall camp.

    * Receiver Steve Smith breaking the jaw of Dominique Bird in a fight

    There are actually another dozen incidents that I could bring to light, but you get the picture. With the exception of the terminating the recruitment of Simmons (I mean, with him in PRISON, what good is he to the TrOJans?) there have been no penalties, no suspensions, no discipline from the actual coaching staff or athletic department for these actions. NOTHING.

    (BTW, you can Google each and every one of these incidents)

    If these kids can be of use to Lane Kiffin and Vol football, you can expect them to be kept around and given “a second chance”.

  2. My favorite part of it all is that they were wearing their limited edition Black with Orange-lettered Hoodies that were only given to the Playahs on the Halloween Night Game against the other USC.

  3. I’d drop an expulsion on all of them just for making me look like a jackass right after I said what a clean program I had and then give a speech to the rest of the chain gang about The Man With No Eyes and spending a night in the box.

  4. Twitter – The World-Wide Expose’ of incomplete and incoherent English Grammar Standards. Can the bar be set any lower for the Institutions of “Higher Learning”?!

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