Good Morning, DNC!

Feel that splash of ice water on your face? Good. Brings everything into sharp focus, it does. I see that you finally got the picture.

“This is a giant wake-up call,” said Terry McAuliffe, the former Democratic National Committee chairman who lost a bid for the Democratic nomination for governor in Virginia last year. “We have to keep our focus on job creation. Everything we have to do is related to job creation. We have to do a much better job on the message. People are confused on what this health care bill is going to do.”

Even before the polls closed, the White House was suggesting the outlines of a recovery strategy, a combination of a more populist tone and an embrace of greater fiscal responsibility.

Mr. Obama has signaled that he intends to take a more populist stance on financial regulation legislation in Congress, seeking to position Democrats as defenders of the people against Wall Street, and to cast Republicans as defenders of bonus-laden bankers. And on Tuesday night, the White House brokered a deal that could lead to a bipartisan commission to recommend spending cuts and tax increases to address the nation’s fiscal condition. For months, Mr. Obama’s advisers had warned that the perception that budget deficits and the national debt were spiraling out of control was alienating independent voters already turned off by partisan battling.

Of course, all the talk above is just that, talk – The message. Considering that the majority of the stimulus was to sustain state spending and expand the federal government, there may be no real improvement in the economy under the Democrats benevolent hand.

By the way, good luck with the casting of “Democrats as defenders of the people against Wall Street, and to cast Republicans as defenders of bonus-laden bankers”. The Republicans should put up pictures of Timothy Geithner offering up wheelbarrows of cash to AIG, Chris Dodd’s Irish Cottage and Barney Frank making kissy-face with Fannie and Freddie at every opportunity.

Meanwhile, as the tide seems to be turning, please keep pressure on our side of the aisle to keep to the principles of fiscal responsibility.

Like Michelle Says.

The GOP brand is still damaged. And instant exploitation of the Brown win — see the NRSC website here — isn’t going to help matters. As I’ve said for many years, the Republican Party needs to clean its own house before it demands that the Democrats clean theirs

One more cautionary note: Tonight is unquestionably a night to celebrate. But remember to manage your expectations, as always, of all politicians. You’ll be less disappointed when they inevitably let you down.

Preach it, sista!


  1. We have no “side of the aisle”. There are Republicans on one side of the aisle. They brought us greater spending and a larger government. On the other side are Democratic Socialists who brought us MUCH greater spending and a larger, more politicized government.

    We need Wide-Awakes and a new start. Down with the Whigs and to Hell with the other Socialists!

  2. Walter, at this point in time, I think we fiscal conservatives can do the best by involving ourselves in the Republican machine. I think the Tea Party serves a valuable role in urging the GOP to field more conservative candidates.

    I would love a new start and agree with that sentiment 100%. But, speaking for myself, I don’t have the energy or desire to jump into politics at that level of involvement. Instead, I support candidates directly and never through the RNC, I write letters and make phone calls.

    Just my two cents.

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