If The Tree of Global Warming Fell In The Living Rooms of The American Press And No One Reported It Would It Make A Sound?

An open request to the British Press. In addition to absolutely kicking the arse of your counterparts in the American unofficially state-run media on the subject of so-called “climate change” – your next story should be about how and why they have ignored this story completely.

Call them up. Interview them. Get them on the record as to how this story that you all are exploiting, like the fabled last oil reserve buried deep in a caribou’s hindquarters, is nary worth a mention by our Rip Van Winkle Press. Perpetually trapped in a mental time warp between an early club-you-over-the-head 1990’s Mtv raising awareness campaign and it’s discredited future.

They have plenty of time to procrasturbate over Sarah Palin’s hand notes, perpetuating Government Motor’s smear campaign against Toyota, or some dude setting the World’s Record for hugs yet can’t dedicate anyone to covering the Greatest Con Game In The History of Ever.

It makes The Sting look like The Flea Bite.

Cheerio. Pip-pip. And all that other hoo-ha, Old Chum. Have at it.

UPDATE: Thanks to all you Instapunditeers and Big Journalism visitors.
Doing the jobs American “journalists” don’t want to do on this issue.


  1. This is getting more and more disturbing. The media in the US does not want to explore the issue at all. But the missing data, the scientists who are talking about the temps in the early part of the last millenium. Personally, I do not have a problem with “green” energy (whether or not it is causing global warming, all that crap going in the air can’t be good for my lungs), but I do have a problem with government mandates based upon scare-mongering, and not facts.

  2. The American educational system abounds with teachers and students incapable of rational thought. Of what value then is a press that provides information enabling an informed decision?

  3. Some of the UK Telegraph’s bloggers have already mentioned this, but no, they have not (yet) made it a front page story.

    Given that the ToL is owned by Murdoch, you’d think he’d want to do this.

  4. California bought $300billion ($300,000,000,000.00) worth of carbon credit bonds. If they admit AGW was a hoax the value of these bonds drops like a stone. Perhaps that is why the American media refuses to cover this story.

  5. The US MSM are useful idiots for the Left and if the radical Left was actually to take over our great country, said journalists would be some of the first to be lined up against the wall; no one likes a traitor, even one to their profession, since they are not trustworthy. We have seen how useful idiots are treated throughtout history, but our useful idiots know nothing of history.

  6. I had completely forgotten about California’s purchase of $ 300B in carbon credit bonds. Damn, we are all “screwed”. But I do hope that the British Press begins to tweak the American Lame Stream Media on their refusal to acknowledge the overwhelming EVIDENCE of the AGW HOAX.

  7. This “tree falling in the forest” meme originated with Bishop George Berkeley, 1685 – 1753, as an epistemological proposition that “to be is to be perceived” (esse est percipi). As an Anglican Bishop, Berkeley meant that since God perceives all things, accepting the existence of Material Reality requires also that a Deity exists– absent a Divine Eye, the material/physical world has no reality.

    Boswell’s “Life of Johnson” relates that when Boswell asked his celebrated friend to refute Berkeley’s premise, Dr. Johnson sent a stone flying with a mighty kick, proclaiming, “I refute him thus!” For many, Johnson’s “kick test” has remained definitive.

    In the U.S., feckless and hyper-politicized mass media apparently cannot cope with much beyond celebrity gossip and puerile rants against opponents straying beyond bounds of orthodox PCBS. Over time, so-called journalists exhibiting this herd mentality may wander off the reservation, but by then the only breaking news will be their oafish attempts to reconcile and justify themselves. Meantime, anyone seeking a current, informed grasp of Climategate et al. had best rely exclusively on alternative (web-based) sources, updated by the hour.

  8. If we in the UK do this for you, would you chaps promise to stop all that whooping and hollering you do when someone scores a downtouch or puts the big ball through that hoop with the net. It disturbs the the gardeners when they’re mowing our lawns. Thanks awfully.

    In most esteemed regard to you in the colonies.

    LV Green of Bumblingham.

  9. Absolutely. As soon as you all can stop looting the food court when some mary in his frilly coloured summer britches bounces a ball off his head into a net the size of four SUVs.

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