Fox and Friend

It’s not something that bothers me, but it is something that would be nice if they did something about it.

I’m talking about the concentration of conservative viewpoints all under NewsCorp’s umbrella. No one complained when Glenn Beck left CNN to join Fox or John Stossel left his post at ABC to go on Fox Business. These are all good things. But add in Rupert Murdoch’s purchase of the Wall Street Journal and the paranoid types might think a monopoly is being formed.

That’s why this is such a good idea:

I’d also love to see a National Review channel on basic cable. Why not? There’s 700 channels devoted to Iron Chefs, people who refurbish homes, midgets, people with bizarre medical conditions, families with 26 kids and, of course, a rash of programs about New Jersey douchebags who ham it up in front of a camera. And don’t get me started about the cross overs; New Jersey douchebag chefs and families of 26 health-impaired midgets who flip real estate. I know, my wife likes all of them.

I can envision a reality show that follows Jonah Goldberg around with a handheld camera as he works the DC circuit rubbing elbows with James Carville and Tucker Carlson. I’m not sure how, but if we could work in some sort of sex angle that would help. Maybe Goldberg stakes out upscale Georgetown bars and scopes out Pols and their young aspiring staff? We could have a special gay week where Larry Craig and Eric Massa!

OK, maybe not.

But my original point stands, it is a good thing or something like that.

(s/t Treacher @ the Daily Caller)

4 comments on “Fox and Friend

  1. i’m not so sure about this one. i want to believe that someone of kelsey’s name recognition could help bring a prominent new right wing into existence, but then — we’ve been fooled before. and if my memory serves me (probably not so well) kelsey has been a part of the problem in the past 2 decades — not the solution.

    inevitably this effort will be compared or aggregated into the tea party movement. and if you’re paying attention, one of the strongest compulsions of the tea party is the de-centralization of control.

    another way of thinking about this is… a lot of us put a lot of faith in fred thompson to avoid mcain. celebrity involvement without 100% commitment (eg. a ronald reagan…) is a recipe for failure.

    i’m not sure we can afford to fail again… so, let’s not get distracted by hollyweird’s delusions of mediocrity… no matter how slick they present themselves.

  2. Did Kelsey Grammar just disparage Sham Wow? Shame…

    It’s about time. Everywhere on television we have liberalism pushed into our faces. NBC’s entire “entertainment” lineup slants WAY left. The “History” Channel is hell-bent on re-writing “History”. I watched “Life” narrated by Orca…er…Oprah on Discovery with all of it’s messages about global warming and how nature has had to adapt to the intrusion of Man. Bravo and Sundance should just be renamed Michael Moore 1 and 2.

  3. Seriously… You break down all the channels on your expanded Cable TV Lineup and you’re going to find 75% of them that could be considered “Left-Leaning”. Take all the channels Cranky mentioned, add the ones that Nigel Mentioned, and you can still pile on with more Left Agenda Networks:

    Comedy Central

    We already know about the majority of the Cable News Channels tilt way left… Have you seen the $#!+ they program on the Kids Networks?? There’s always some cliched, lefty message in the programs on Nickelodian, Nick Jr, Noggin, Disney Channel. I can hear it already; The dolts on the left screaming about how a channel called “Right Network” is further proof that the “VRWC” is coming for your Digital Cable Box. Even with this channel, the scales still tilt overwhelmingly to the ideological left.

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